Q&A with Jennifer Ward-Lealand from Here Lies Love

Jennifer Ward-Lealand caught up with us about performing in Silo Theatre's Here Lies Love.

What attracted to you to working with Silo on HERE LIES LOVE?

I love David Byrne’s music. I was very much a young actor in the 80s when a lot of Talking Heads was huge and I like what he has to say. I like the idea of getting people to listen to more than one song without relying on the album's liner notes, but by staying within, and exploring, a particular theme. I love that idea.

What do you do to prepare for a role that has a musical element?

I am reading a lot of what he has written about it because your job as a performer is to make the piece sing literally and figuratively. I read a lot about what he wants for it and also get familiar with his songs in my own time. I am also in a choir so I get to sing every week so my voice is oiled and ready to take on a musical. I do take care of myself carefully because you have to be able to do 6 shows a week in good voice.

What are you most excited about?

I am really excited of getting together with this wonderful group of wāhine. I know Ria and Colleen but I don’t know the others and I am looking forward to conversing with Ria in Te Reo Māori in my working environment. I am really looking forward to learning the harmonies and this show is full of them and Robin will sort those out beautifully for us.

What do you think the audience can expect?

A kick ass night in the theatre.

How would you describe this show?

A blast for the senses - because it's music, design, great performers, great costumes and a perfect way to end your year.

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