Q&A with Villette from Here Lies Love

Villette fills us in on what it's like working on Silo Theatre's new cabaret, Here Lies Love.

What attracted you to collaborating with Silo on HERE LIES LOVE?

At first it was the team, Sophie, Jess & Robin. I was excited to work with people I respect and can see myself learning from in so many ways. I've always loved theatre, and have been part of productions since I was in primary school but I took a long break when I left high school. For me this is like jumping back into an exciting world that I haven't been a part of in so long, and I'm thrilled!

What do you do to prepare for a show like this?

I've been listening to Here Lies Love on repeat, reading lyrics and really trying to find my story within the words. HLL is such a complex album and for me I have been preparing to sing these songs by trying to connect personally to each word written by David Byrne & Fatboy Slim.

What's your favourite David Byrne or Fatboy Slim tune?

Every Drop of Rain!

What 3 words would you use to describe the show?

Ethereal, beautiful, emotional.

What are you most excited about?

Working and learning new techniques from the cast and crew. I'm also really excited to share ideas and push myself as an artist and performer. Plus, I get to meet Ria Hall!!!!

What can the audience expect?

Expect to go on a journey and experience the album in a beautiful, personal way.

How are you feeling about doing a theatre show? Is it different to your normal gigs?

I'm truly excited and also nervous to be stepping back into the realm of theatre. There's so much I'm wanting to learn and soak in as someone stepping into this artform after having a break, and I'm so so humbled to be a part of this production. As a solo artist, I produce, record and write my own music in my home studio & Red Bull Studios. My audience is mostly youth and young adults. My normal gigs consist of me performing alongside two dancers and talking a lot throughout the set. I speak on social issues and mental illness, and love to connect one on one with audience members. This production is going to be completely different to what I'm used to!

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