• Featured Cradle Song // 18 - 22 September // Loft, Q Theatre
    • 14/09/2018
    Amanda Rees Talks te Reo

    We asked Amanda Rees to share some of her reo  journey  with us for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2018

    Catch Amanda in Cradle Song, spooking up Q's Loft September 18 - 22


  • Featured Power Ballad (Fundraiser Season)
    • 12/04/2018

    The unstoppable Julia Croft and Nisha Madhan have been offered a season and residency at the prestigious Battersea Arts Centre in London, and because they're special members of our Q whānau we want to help them get there! We asked Julia to tell us about her inspiration for creating this work, and what it means in 2018 a year after it was first created.


    • 08/06/2015
    Dust Pilgram // Red Leap Theatre
    • Nik Smythe
    • Theatre Review

    "...given her story's pervading tone of sombre angst, peppered as it is with flashes of excitement and hope." more

    • 12/07/2015
    Dust Pilgrim // Red Leap Theatre
    • James Wenley
    • Theatre Scenes

    "...but just when you think you’ve seen it all they bring out something new." more

    • 29/04/2015
    DeAnne Smith - Get Into It
    • India Essuah
    • Gather and Hunt

    Smith was refreshingly open, impressively self aware and just really damn clever ... Picking favourites this festival is a hard task but I definitely think you should catch DeAnne Smith before... more

    • 13/04/2015
    Breath // Three Samuel Beckett Works
    • John Daly-Peoples
    • NBR

    "... it provides a fleeting insight into the despair, speculation and the pleasure of revisiting the past without bothering about the future." more

    • 13/04/2015
    Breath // Three Samuel Beckett Works
    • James Wenley
    • Theatrescenes

    "It is tempting to interpret Breath as an encapsulation of the ultimate message of all of Samuel Beckett’s plays: you’re born, life is rubbish, you die, and then... more

    • 13/04/2015
    Breath // Three Samuel Beckett Works
    • Janet McAllister
    • NZ Herald

    "The hour-long show offers a reasonable taste of Beckett for beginners as well as aficionados; the brilliance of Beckett's reprobates is palpable." more

    • 11/04/2015
    Between Zero and One // Strike Percussion
    • Dione Joseph
    • Theatreview

    John Psathas is an exceptional composer. If you haven't had a chance to behold his incredible scores (and I say that without any intention of claiming the work to be bombastic or grandiose) you... more

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