• Featured Cradle Song // 18 - 22 September // Loft, Q Theatre
    • 14/09/2018
    Amanda Rees Talks te Reo

    We asked Amanda Rees to share some of her reo  journey  with us for Te Wiki o te Reo Māori 2018

    Catch Amanda in Cradle Song, spooking up Q's Loft September 18 - 22


  • Featured Power Ballad (Fundraiser Season)
    • 12/04/2018

    The unstoppable Julia Croft and Nisha Madhan have been offered a season and residency at the prestigious Battersea Arts Centre in London, and because they're special members of our Q whānau we want to help them get there! We asked Julia to tell us about her inspiration for creating this work, and what it means in 2018 a year after it was first created.


    • 15/05/2014
    Review // Sara Pascoe
    • Ingrid Grenar
    • KeepingUpWithNZ

    Her show Sara Pascoe Vs The Truth is filled with personal anecdotes, philosophical musings and clever twists and turns that are both a demonstration of her fabulous wit and bang on show... more

    • 14/05/2014
    Review // Matt Stellingwerf
    • Mat Campbell
    • KeepingUpWithNZ

    Sellingwerf was sometimes utterly filthy, other times he was undeniably lovable. His references are far and wide, with everything from Anne Frank to Cougars, getting a going over.  more

    • 14/05/2014
    Review // Tom Binns as Ian D. Montford
    • Sam Jeffery
    • KeepingUpWithNZ

    D. Montfort wowed a packed audience with a performance full of laughs, wit and some actually seriously impressive clairvoyance... a truly exceptional performance, unique and full of laughter. more

    • 07/05/2014
    Review // Jarred Fell in Fellon
    • John Smythe
    • TheatreView

    Witnessing a comical magic show up close like this adds a special quality to our verification and enjoyment of his skills. more

    • 07/05/2014
    Review // Jarred Christmas - SNAFU
    • Charlotte Simmonds
    • TheatreView

    Jarred Christmas covers whimsical nostalgia for the technology of the 80s and 90s, whimsical nostalgia for the music of the 80s and 90s, whimsical nostalgia for the time when he wasn't a... more

    • 05/05/2014
    Review // Sara Pascoe
    • John Bailey
    • The Sydney Morning Herald

    Pascoe has a cheery, genuine delivery that doesn't rub your face in the fact that she's super smart. This is a show that puts Nietzsche in the same room as Andie McDowell with a cameo by... more

    • 05/05/2014
    Review // Urzila Carlson - Poise Control
    • Ben Blackman
    • KeepingUpWithNZ

    I urge all who have not seen her live to go and do so immediately... Urzila is a master class, she manages to get the crowd abuzz purely by her magnificent stage presence... this is a must... more

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