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Winter at Q

Plenty of great theatre to make up for terrible weather!

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Winter At Q tile 2 - Q Theatre

Let’s be honest, winter kinda sucks. Your laundry is never dry, the sun sets before you finish work and it’s so cold you feel guilty leaving your herb garden outside overnight. But at Q we’re actually pretty excited for these winter months because we’re packed to the rafters with damn good theatre. Aside from a short and sweet comedy appearance from Guy Williams, we’re entirely occupied by theatre in June and July.

Paradise Winter Tile - Q Theatre
Indian Ink are coming in swinging with Paradise or the Impermanence of Ice Cream opening on the 9th. The show starring Jacob Rajan and Gerry the vulture puppet is inspired by Ernest Becker’s Pulitzer prize-winning “Denial of Death,” and the vibrant, life-filled chaos of India’s most cosmopolitan city, Mumbai. It’s a must-see if you loved Mrs Krishnan’s Party or A Fine Balance. It’s also a must-see if you love puppets!


Play Winter Tile - Q Theatre
Following Indian Ink is a special return appearance from Gawky Productions. The budding company has proven themselves as a Summer at Q hit with two sell-out seasons so we asked them to return to heat things up this winter! Bringing back their hit shows PLAY and LET’S GET LOCO! as a double feature means you can get a seat at both hit shows in one night if you’re keen. Plus they’ll be perfect for getting you in the mood for our next feature, Everything After.

Everything After Winter Tile - Q Theatre
Winner of the Adam Award for Best NZ Play, Everything After brings together everything Shane Bosher has learnt as one of the most celebrated theatre-makers in the country and a staunch advocate for putting queer stories in the spotlight. This one’s a must-see for fans of Angels in America and A Streetcar Named Desire or Pride Festival Regulars.

Mourning After Winter Tile - Q Theatre
Wrapping up our June/July batch of theatre is Agram Productions with The Mourning After, a spellbinding solo performance about family, grief and stories left behind. The show follows Kiwi-born Shekar who travels to his father’s village in Sri Lanka to discover that a tsunami has swept away the village.  It’s a must-see for fans of Ahi Karunaharan's shows at Q including Tea, A Fine Balance and My Heart Goes Thadak Thadak.

So now you’ve had the run down, you can take your pick. Over the next two months, these varied stories will make you think, make you feel and make you laugh. They’ll take you to new countries, into the past and put you in someone else’s shoes for a night. They’ll also help you get out and support great local artists and theatre-makers after what’s been a tough year. Need we say more?