It's slippery, isn't it, the truth? But nevertheless, it must be told. He’s awoken in limbo, trapped in a world built through an obsession with film. A knife. A blond. A vicious scream. It's all sounding so familiar, yet not at all. In constant danger, in persistent confusion, in desperate pursuit of trust in a realm without rules - how can escape be found if you're the guiltiest of all?

From the company that brought you the dark in Titus, and the light in Earnest, comes an altogether different experience: a devised re-edit and mash up of the slasher film trope with a real-life story too twisted to be true. Reality blurs - film is truth - truth is fiction - at stake are the lives of two young women. Hold on tight for an hypnotic kaleidoscope that will leave you reeling.

Compulsive but unnerving - Hitchcock but not - this is Fractious Tash's most ambitious experiment yet.

“…shocking, violent, gripping and haunting” (Theatreview on Titus)

Adult themes,  strong language, violence, nudity & sexual content. Recommended ages 16+