Celebrating extreme makeup artistry, The NZ Body Art Showcase 2018 offers audiences contemporary and indigenous styles of body painting as well as special effects make-up for film and television.

Think hunchbacked scaly swamp monsters, esoteric glow in the dark children and ethereal other world beings taking turns gliding across a continual catwalk and you have just some of the attractions at The NZ Body Art Showcase 2018.

Showcasing, acknowledging and promoting the many talented and hardworking New Zealanders practising this art form, The NZ Body Art Trust’s mission is to promote New Zealand as a centre of expertise in body art, make-up and special effects.  Their goal to place this event, not only on the local and national stage, but the world stage and establish Auckland City as an artistic and cultural centre. 

All profits from the event will go towards education funding, as well as promotion and advancement of the industry within New Zealand.

The continual catwalk, raised centre-stage complete with soundscape, features over 90 of the country’s most exciting artists and performers. Through use of state-of-the-art audiovisual effects, audiences witness an ever-changing illusion.

Learn more about New Zealand Body Art by visiting their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube 

The NZ Body Art Showcase 2018 features six themed sections, with artists allowed to use any painting technique or prosthetic style, provided it keeps with the section's theme, with two exceptions: the opening, Water Section, and the Submerged Section:

WATER SECTION // An open category allowing the artist to interpret their own meaning of water. This section is non-competitive. 

SUBMERGED SECTION // Based on UV, allowing the artist to use any paint and prosthetic technique, provided the artwork will display under UV lighting.