GLOW is lustrous in its exoticism and vibrancy. Zhou Long’s Spirit of Chimes conjures the translucent sounds of ancient Chinese instruments, while Gareth Farr’s Forbidden Colours shimmers and soars. Gao Ping’s new commission for NZTrio, in which the trio will be joined by by international expert guzheng player Xia Jing, inspires the notion of sending thoughts and wishes into the sky, and Rachmaninov’s Trio Elegiaque No. 2 in d minor, Opus 9 in all its fervour and fullness, is rich in bold hues.


Zhou Long (China/USA): Spirit of Chimes
Gareth Farr (NZ): Forbidden Colours
Gao Ping (China): New Commission with guzheng
Rachmaninov (Russia): Trio Elegiaque No 2 in d minor, Opus 9

"This was a superb concert. Not just for the quality of the playing – which was marvellously assured - but rather for a beautifully balanced programme". (John Button - Dominion Post, November 2015)

Once again, you can look forward to matched cocktails and a post-show mingle with musicians Justine, Sarah and Ashley. Subscription buyers will also go in the draw for a $200 WORLD clothing voucher, or a $200 beauty voucher from the Ministry of Hair.