ORCHIDS returns for a second season at Q Theatre, after receiving standing ovations and selling out its Tempo Dance Festival premiere in 2017.

Unveiling a hidden realm which evokes mothers, sisters, witches, sirens, goddesses and otherworldly creatures, ORCHIDS divulges the occult secrets of feminine magic and lost ritualistic practices. Seven women spanning three generations unravel their mythology - from former LIMBS dancer, Marianne Schultz, still entrancing on stage in her 60s, to 9-year-old Ivy Foster, Choreographer Sarah’s own daughter.

Director Sarah Foster-Sproull (Footnote New Zealand Dance, Guangdong Modern Dance Co. China, The Human Expression 2nd Co. Singapore, Royal New Zealand Ballet) draws together a coven of talent to present a spellbinding show. Sarah’s work has been likened to a living Hieronymus Bosch or Caravaggio painting. Through ORCHIDS, Foster Group Dance connects some of NZ’s most reputed artists, including composer Eden Mulholland and designers Andrew Foster (set and dramaturgy) and Jennifer Lal (lighting). Together, they demystify and unravel the complex mythology of the female spirit, bringing women out of darkness and into the light.

Featuring the extraordinary talents of dancers and collaborators Marianne Schultz, Katie Burton, Rose Philpott, Jahra Rager, Joanne Hobern, Tori Manley-Tapu, and Produced and Assistant Directed by Natalie Maria Clark.

PLEASE NOTE: This show contains mature content - abstract depictions of violence, recommended 13+.

"Quite simply, Foster-Sproull would hold her own on any of the world’s top dance stages..." – Financial Times for Mass Solitude, Hemispheres.

“... full of eros, pathos and humour … “ - The Pantograph Punch

“... intensely intimate … “ - NZ Herald

“... the most honest examination of femininity that I have seen… the enfolding warmth of support and nurturing versus the cut and thrust of unwarranted negativity and obstruction … moves many of the audience to tears ...” - Theatreview

ORCHIDS - Q Theatre, 17 - 20 July 2019 from Foster Group Dance - NZ on Vimeo.