What is Chinese? What is being Chinese? What is not Chinese?

This show is not the paragon of the Chinese experience.
Because there is no right way to be Chinese.
Because there are different ways of being Chinese.
Because there should be different ways of being Chinese.
Because no one is perfectly authentic in their Chinese-ness.
Because Chinese-ness is not a [single, measurable] thing.

Following on from the success of her 2016 WHITE/OTHER season at The Basement, writer and director Alice Canton delves even deeper into the uncomfortable and nuanced conversation about race in OTHER [chinese].

Canton has spent the year in workshops with actors and non-actors from various different Chinese communities connecting and exploring what it is to be Chinese in Auckland, here and now.

Experience the realisation of these stories and conversations in OTHER [chinese], where Canton invites up to 100 performers on stage every night for this large-scale documentary theatre.

OTHER [chinese] opens up conversations in order to create meaningful change in the world, and challenges the many forms of cultural mis-representation, discrimination and invisibility that exists around Chinese identity.

"A powerfully contradictory message that will get under your skin." (Nathan Joe, Theatrescenes review of WHITE/OTHER)

"surreal, open, surprising and - yet again - clever."  (Janet McAllister, NZHerald review of WHITE/OTHER)

OTHER [chinese] is presented as part of MATCHBOX, the Q Theatre creative development programme.

Q Theatre is an independently owned and operated performing arts venue committed to the sustainability and success of arts and culture. Every year Q co-presents a season of works through its creative development programme, MATCHBOX (formerly known as ‘Q Presents’). MATCHBOX enables the best emerging and professional New Zealand performing artists to bring their ideas to life on stage. Through a three-step selection process Q curates a MATCHBOX Season that pushes boundaries, showcases Q’s transformative venue, and delivers unique experiences for audiences.