Expect deep cuts and beautiful gems from the creative heyday of Jamaican music, with the legendary Auckland DJ Dubhead, celebrating 25 years of the continuous Rhythm Selection - 95 bFM’s specialist roots-reggae radio show.

Active as a DJ since 1983, Dubhead is a prominent writer and theorist on Aotearoa reggae, sound system and dub culture, and as former radio programme director has been responsible for a wealth of airplay for underground reggae and hip-hop artists from around the country.

He has produced his own music under the name of The Sound Foundation, which has been released here and in Australia and Europe on the Deepgrooves, Kog Transmissions and Stereo Deluxe labels. His writing has been previously published in magazines such as Back 2 Basics, Planet, The Fix and Debate, and he’s currently writing a history of New Zealand reggae music.