DJ Josh on Decks plays records in clubs, bars, restaurants, venues, and at events around Auckland and beyond, including Golden Dawn, Bedford Soda and Liquor, Libertine, Imperial Lane, Cassette Number 9, Northern Steamship, La Zeppa, Mezze Bar, C.A.C, and Hallertau Brewery. He has also graced the airwaves in many different slots and roles as DJ, announcer and voiceover artist, most notably on 95bFM .

Specialising in spinning vinyl (LPs and tasty 45s), Josh on Decks is a scene-setter and ambiance arbiter par-excellence, offering a broad palate of sounds, beats, grooves and tunes to suit every occasion. His forté lies in Northern soul, jazz, bossa, funk and ’50s and ’60s R&B. He also takes delight in dropping ’20s and ’30s swing, ’40s bop, ’50s rock ’n’ roll, ’60s psychedelia, all the way through ’70s glam, punk, funk, fusion, afrobeat and disco.

He's a sharp dressed gent with a passion for the groove, digs a tasty request (as long as it comes with a sense of decorum), and loves to lay it down till the cows come home. Just ask Nick Cave or M.I.A. The former couldn’t stop shaking his sartorial arse to Betty Wright’s ‘Clean-Up Woman’ during a particularly legendary post-BDO affair with Josh on the decks, the latter needed to know whose record the needle was on right now (Ace Frehley’s ‘New York Groove’).