Dipping your toes into King Skinny’s vivid songs is like finding a surreal oasis in the desert. “I'm compelled to look for the heartaches, humour and abstractions of every suburban life,” says the band’s founder, cult NZ songwriter Peter Daube.

Daube has made such insights his stock-in-trade, in a songwriting career that includes award-winning alternative NZ legends Bilge Festival (remember "Wildebeest a Gogo"?), Poultice, and musical theatre projects like the Wheel of Experience. King Skinny’s cinematic collection of alternative country and soul originals are well-crafted, wistful and rollicking atmospheres, rightfully hailed by Rip It Up as “deft and entertaining”. “The lyrics go the extra mile,” pointed out City Voice, and the music’s no slouch either.

Peppered with curios and characters, the King Skinny world resembles ours in the way that dark times can sometimes be unexpectedly brightened with love and generosity.