The Bunny is back! 

Run Rabbit returns, sharpened and ready.

This Auckland Fringe Festival Victoria Abbott has a carrot in her hand ready to ride into battle against... a bratty rabbit? The army of medieval menfolk at the moat? The mysterious placard holding carol singer? 
Metaphors, mockery and misery with a grin, this is a love letter to the late night walk home, via a bombastic medieval ancestor.

Run Rabbit starts right here and takes the audience on a wild journey to some other place entirely. 
Spanning across a casual 681 years and ripping into whatever and whomever she has at hand, Victoria Abbott is tearing herself to pieces and putting it all back together in an hour. You're in safe hands, but bets are off for those at the gate. 

Get ready. 

It's a series of explosions and interruptions. 
It's all about being on the inside and digging your way out.
It's a deep, mischievious, devious rage.
Welcome to the fray...

PLEASE NOTE // Run Rabbit contains references to physical and sexual assualt

Presented as part of Auckland Fringe Festival 2019 at Q. 
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"Everything is handled with the clarity of a master at the top of her game. Embedded in the DNA of the show is a bubbling violence and ferocity. One that Victoria doesn’t shy away from. In the blink an eye, the show transforms... This is a blistering evening of fight or flight" - Nathan Joe, Theatre Scenes

"Until the last vital minutes, you're never sure where, exactly, all this is heading. And then Abbott brings it all together... and, when she does, drawing all the disparate threads of Run Rabbit together, it hits you like a brick falling from a wall." - Dionne Christian, The Herald

"Easily one of the best pieces of theatre I've ever seen." - Matt Baker