Short Film Screening

A Friend In Sight, by Norman Zafra

Wellingtonian Julia Mosen has been blind since birth, but independently and safely does ordinary tasks with the help of Kerry, her seeing eye dog. The documentary captures the special relationship between the two, following them as they travel and negotiate the public spaces of the city.

Close to Home, by Bertie Plaatsman

This is a story about transition and the things we collect, objects we love, and the passage of life. The film features director Bertie Plaatsman’s elderly neighbours, who have been living in the same street for nearly 50 years.

One Surfer, by Jane Webber

One Surfer follows two teenagers on a journey to Piha Beach where they will attempt to go for a surf. Both Fynn and Lily have disabilities that make such an everyday activity incredibly difficult. But, with the help of The Disabled Surfers Association, Lily and Fynn get their typical Kiwi day at the beach that everyone should be able to experience. 

American Dreamer, by Thomas Haley

Against the background of the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and his north Florida home, young poet Julian searches for his way and his identity in a country that also seems to be suffering from an identity crisis as a result of tragic moment in contemporary American history.

American Dreamer - Documentary Edge Festival 2014 Official Selection from Documentary Edge on Vimeo.