A universal story told by local storytellers. Proudly female-led. This premiere production showcases the power of love, the need for connection, and the strength of storytelling.

$25 - $32.50 (services fees apply)
1 hour
Wed 14 - Sat 17 April
Wed 14 Apr, 7 - 8pm
Thu 15 Apr, 7 - 8pm
Fri 16 Apr, 7 - 8pm
Sat 17 Apr, 7 - 8pm

The Bridge to Utopia is closed during a global crisis; what do you do? A universal story told by local storytellers, and proudly female-led, this brand new play offers vignettes of humanity amidst apocalyptic chaos. Showcasing the power of kindness in a world starved of connection, it unravels through laughter, love, heartbreak and hope, to ask the question; What is community in the face of isolation? 

Following it’s development in a workshop led by Miriama McDowell with local actors and devisers, Georgie Oulton's premiere production uses verbatim and lockdown accounts from all over the world to springboard a story that warms your heart. 

“To read this play is like holding a diamond up to the light and catching a multitude of different colours. It effortlessly weaves together the epic and the intimate in consistently surprising ways. It manages to be both funny and touching, and most importantly, relatable.” - says director Anna Ledwich, on Godzonia. 


Please note: The performance contains themes of trauma, grief and domestic abuse.


Creative Team

Directed by Anna Ledwich

Written by Georgie Oulton

Produced by Georgie Oulton & Charlie Underhill

Stage & Production Managed by Lucie Everett-Brown

Music Composition by Simon Allen 

Autism Consultancy by Tanya Wheeler

Creative-Content by Thomas Hefferon & Mike Newport 

Marketing Photography by Matthew Diesch

Graphic Design by Isabel Doraisamy & Miles Harty



Joe - Edward Newborn

Kate - Georgie Oulton

Mary - Liz Tierney

David - Joseph Wycoff

Sarah - Catriona Toop 

Jake - Steven Glyde

Lou - Elliot Lloyd-Bell


This show is a part of the 2021 Auckland Fringe and Summer at Q Festivals. 

University of Auckland Acknowledgement - Q Theatre