Thursday 28 January, 7:30pm
Friday 29 January, 7:30pm
Saturday 30 January, 4:00pm

Price: $25 - $35 (services fees apply)

First conceived in 2011 MANA WAHINE is an internationally acclaimed work that is inspired by the story of the Te Arawa ancestress, Te Aokapurangi, who single-handedly saved her people from being slaughtered. 

Te Aokapurangi’s clever-thinking, bravery and doing the one thing that her adversaries thought she wouldn’t be able to pull off, inspired choreographers Taiaroa Royal, Taane Mete and Malia Johnston to create a collaborative work that celebrates the essence of women.

MANA WAHINE is steeped in tikanga (customs), haka (Māori dance themes) and music that is derived from our Māori whakapapa (genealogy). 

The music is composed by Victoria Kelly, who has fused Māori music with modern day instruments to create a spectacular and haunting soundtrack that supports and elevates the audiences’ perspective.

This soundtrack supports the stunning lighting design by Vanda Karolczak, the mesmerising AV by Rowan Pierce, and with simple, body-hugging costuming by Elizabeth Whiting, the 5 female dancers take you on a spell-binding journey that will have you holding your breath to the very last sound.


"Strong, powerful, spiritual, courageous MANA WAHINE” - Amy Chafif. (2014)

“Ōkāreka Dance Company has hit the jackpot with this exploration of the strength, the spirit, the wiles and primal beauty of woman… one of the best contemporary dance performances we have seen in years” – Bernadette Rae, NZ Herald (2014)

“Mana Wahine is an absolutely magical work to watch, and it’s one that lingers long afterwards” - Sam Trubridge. (2014)


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Choreographers Taiaroa Royal, Taane Mete, Malia Johnston
Mātanga Mātauranga Māori (Cultural Advisor) Tūī Matira Ranapiri-Ransfield
Music : Victoria Kelly
Lighting Design Vanda Karolczak 
Costume Design Elizabeth Whiting
Set Design Tracey Collins
Audio Visuals Rowan Pierce

MANA WAHINE is presented with support from Creative New Zealand and Wellesley Studios