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Manifesto of a Good Cripple

Award-winning choreographer Suzanne Cowan's bold autobiographical work combines a powerful combination of dance, film and theatre, showcasing her subversive disability humour through a surreal dream/landscape that captures her experience of a fluid identity.

$21.50 - $47.50 (Service fees may apply)
60 Minutes
Wed 7 Sep, 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Thu 8 Sep, 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Fri 9 Sep, 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Sat 10 Sep, 7:30pm - 8:30pm

PLEASE NOTE: This show has been postponed. We will update with new dates as soon as they are confirmed.

From award-winning choreographer Suzanne Cowan, comes a bold autobiographical work, Manifesto of a Good Cripple.

Following 2019's sold-out premiere season, Manifesto of a Good Cripple has been reimagined into a powerful combination of dance, film and theatre, uniting the essence of Cowan's 20-year dance career with subversive disability humour, within a surreal dream/landscape that captures her experience of a fluid identity.

"...each artistic choice produces a feast of perceptual and metaphorical intelligence." - Theatre Review, Felicity Malloy

Cowan takes the audience on a journey of how identity and body become synonymous with the landscapes that we move through, not just as a backdrop but as a visceral etching into our cellular memory. The fragility of identity is a recurring motif that Cowan embodies through her disruptive choreography.

From road tripping through the freezing, blizzard-swept Canadian Rockies to the highlights of performing at Queen Elizabeth Hall in London, Cowan reconfigures these experiences as a rich score of movement, sound, image and text, imbued with her unique perspective, and crystallised in her Manifesto statement as the antidote to inspiration porn.

The filmic backdrop is derived from archival footage and photographs which locate Cowan’s evolution as a performer and choreographer.

"... a series of short dances on key themes, and the presentation of two wickedly witty manifestos which play along the boundaries of political correctness and offer wry wisdom but nevertheless hit home with the audience." - Theatre Review - Raewyn Whyte

Creator/performer: Suzanne Cowan
Lighting design: Sean Curham
Video Editor: Adam Luka Turjak
Production stills: Alyx Duncan
Choreographic Advisor: Claire Luiten
Composer: Charlie Ha
Sound design: Kristian Larson
Dramaturgical advice: Nisha Madhan, Lara Liew, Margaret Mary Hollins

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