In collaboration with Q Theatre

Soft N Hard is a complex, challenging and riotously funny exploration of the tensions and imbalances between male and female gender roles in a modern world.

Husband and wife performers Jo Randerson and Thomas LaHood use their finely-tuned clowning skills and the authentic awkwardness and vulnerability of their own relationship to bring a relatable and indelibly comic touch to the topical and curly questions raised in the #metoo era of gender politics.

The show erupts onto the stage with a high-impact, visually arresting and absurd opening sequence, followed by a relentless and largely non-verbal clown performance of traditional domestic, cinematic (and toxic) gender tropes, and finally dissolves completely into a fast-paced, meta-theatrical and courageous dialogue between the performers that gets into the nitty-gritty of modern ideas like mansplaining and emotional labour.

Following two SOLD OUT seasons in Wellington, and having travelled to Southland and Auckland in 2018 this is an exciting new creation from a celebrated company.

"A deceptively clever and devilishly beguiling work."  - Patrick Davies, Theatreview 

"I want to spontaneously applaud the truthful genius of its writers and performers... raw, intimate and beautiful" - Hannah Banks, The Pantograph Punch

Hero image photography by Owen McCarthy 2017