In the preposterous world of Soft n Hard, the curtains are so beautiful you can get lost in them, taking a shower is so deep you need a wetsuit, and the view in the mirror is simply breath-taking. Join Jo Randerson and Thomas LaHood, the creative team behind Barbarian Productions, as they wrestle with the construction and performance of gender.

Soft n Hard explores notions of gender in a visually extravagant, hugely fun, and absurdly comical way. As real-life husband n wife, man n woman, clown n comedian, but also as co-directors of Barbarian, Jo and Thomas' lives are inextricably linked. Soft n Hard is a courageously self-reflective look at their own relationship and, let's face it, at everyone else's too.

"Our son Geronimo described this show as the story of 'two monsters who marry and turn into people then have lots of fights'. We've tried to put ourselves and our own confusions and frustrations at the centre of this process. There's no easy solve for the tensions of gender relations, even with the magic of theatre. But we can safely say that even in 2017 there are dinosaurs among us - maybe even within us. So the awkward conversation must continue."

Soft n Hard was nominated for Excellence in Design for overall production design at the 2017 Wellington Theatre Awards. The show was directed by Isobel MacKinnon and designed collaboratively with Owen McCarthy, Poppy Serano and Waylon Edwards

Q&A // There will be a post-show artist talk following the Thursday night performance facilitated by Carrie Rae Cunningham

WORKSHOP // Can't get enough of Barbarian Productions? Join Thomas LaHood and Jo Randerson for a beginner’s course in clown dynamics and presence - How to Be Your Stupid Self. For more details click here

one hilarious, insightful and wickedly honest exploration of the soft and the hard

- Pantograph Punch, 2017

characteristically outrageous humour and courageous self-expression. Soft N Hard is visually extravagant, hugely fun, and completely absurd

- Scoop, 2017

one deceptively clever and devilishly beguiling work

- Theatreview, 2017

Presented by Barbarian Productions (visit their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) as part of Tempo Dance Festival 2018

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