CHIEF EXECUTIVE: Tineke Van Der Merwe


Programme Director: Sarah Graham
Programme Coordinator: Kate Ward-Smythe


Head of Marketing and Brand Communications: Alice Kenealy
Digital Marketing and Content Coordinator: Recruitment in progress


Ticketing Manager: Matthew de Kimble Butler
Box Office Coordinator: Noah Stein
Box Office: Hannah Diver, Jordan Dickson, Asia Kennedy, Caoimhe Fidgeon, Evan Phillips, Indigo Paul & Lucie Everett-Brown


Visitor Services Manager: Jesse Wikiriwhi 
Hopitality Manager: Craig Koning

Floor Manager: Sean O'Kane Connolly
Café Manager: Melissa Lawson

Head Chef: Romello Caliwag
Citizen Q Kitchen: Fiona Sulaiman, Lawrence Lui, Rajesh Rawat, Shubham Chopra & Vardhan Bhatt

Front of House Manager: Michael Cranney
Front of House Supervisors: Geordie Winlove, Michael Clark, Zak Robinson, Jamie Adam & Seamus Ford
Visitor Services: Ana Renker-Darby, Ava Diakhaby, Billie Staples, Blake Coake, Cameron Ward-Hurst, Caoimhe Fidgeon, Celine Human, Damien Avery, Eleanor Dwyer, George Wallace, Matthew Holt, Holly Hudson Jacob Dale, Josh Metcalfe, Kalyani Nagarajan, Kate Johnstone, Keren Feltham, Kevin Park, Kit Haines, Kyle Wienk, Lucas Bedford, Lucie Everett-Brown, Mainard Larkin, Matthew Moore, Maya Watt, Michael Clark, Miles Ford, Munashe Tapfuya, Natasha Hoyland, Nick Crawley, Nikita Gardiner, Ruby Hansen, Ryan Dulieu, Seamus Ford, Shaleen Farrell, Stephanie Leech, Tatum Warren-Ngata, Timmie Cameron


Technical Manager: Kathryn Osborne
Production Coordinator: Catherine Hart
Production Coordinator: Vivien Lynch
Venue Technicians: Patrick Minto, Gabriel Ford, Tyler White, Andrew Summers, Emmanuel Reynaud & Andrew Furness
Technical Crew: Amanda Tito, Andrew Furness, Ashley Kilip, Emmanuel Reynaud, Andy Tsang, Gabriel Ford, Kyle Pharo, Pete Davison, Roydon Christensen, Sam Clavis, Sam Mence, Nathan Dunlop, Paul Bennett, Spencer Earwaker, Taimana Davis, Zach Howells, Zane Allen, Rachel Marlow, Thomas Press, Paris Daniel, Ruby van Dorp, Keira Howat, Lucie Everett-Brown, Abe Keane, Tamatera Curtis, Tim Jansen, Sami Vance, Sarah Briggs, Josh Wilson, Aaron Mitchell, A Molloy

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So you’re coming to Q. You’ve even picked a show and bought your tickets. You’ll need to know how to get here. But that’s just the beginning. Arrive early and head to the cafe, you can have dinner or just a snack. You’re only missing one thing - a drink. It’s lucky we’ve got a great bar then... more

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