SUBTEXTS is a series of three unique nights of storytelling, collaboration and discussions inspired by the stories and themes in the 2015 Q Presents season...'

The first is...

Based on a True Story

Can you tell the difference between truth and fiction? 

The Pantograph Punch, in collaboration with Q Theatre, invites you to test your lie-detecting skills in a fundraiser evening of half-truths, tall tales, and hand-to-heart facts. 

Hosted by Thomas Sainsbury and featuring Antonia PrebbleJose BarbosaRochelle Bright and Wallace ChapmanBased on a True Story serves up stories that are true, some that are hard to believe, and some that threaten to slip under your radar. 

All proceeds go towards paying The Pantograph Punch writers.


Get to know the storytellers for Based on a True Story but be aware... they've all slipped a lie into their bios!

Antonia Prebble has worked on TV shows like The Tribe, Outrageous Fortune, and The Blue Rose. Her first kiss was as the winning entrant in a kissing competition when she was 12. It lasted for 45 seconds. She has a severe nut allergy and has had to be rushed to hospital twice after going into anaphylactic shock. Her friends are now paranoid to cook for her, which is a shame because she loves being invited over for dinner.

Rochelle Bright is a playwright and librettist and 1/2 of Bullet Heart Club (BHC) with Kitan Petkovski. She spent 6 years working in New York theatre and is a graduate of Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. Rochelle's short-form text has featured in Rolling Stone, Vogue and The Economist. In 2015 she is releasing her first album, titled Short-form and will be touring across Aotearoa with BHC's first work Daffodils.

José Barbosa is a man who has worked, albeit briefly, with javelin throwers on their aim. He's also been known to ruminate loudly on the merits of kiwifruit shelter belt reform, but is perhaps best known for his propensity to fall on the ground very, very slowly.


 Wallace Chapman presents Sunday Morning on Radio NZ National and the iconic ‘pub politics’ show, Back Benches(now in it’s 8th year). He's had two colognes named after him and was the guy who made the seminal 'Where do you do poos' ad for bFM.