Super Hugh-Man is an award-winning* autobiographical solo cabaret by acclaimed Kiwi entertainer Rutene Spooner, a musical love letter to the great Wolverine and Broadway star, Hugh Jackman.

Spooner takes us on his personal journey growing up as a young Māori boy in Gisborne, and the fateful events that lead to the discovery of his hero's secret identity. Stepping us through his implausible path to becoming a musical theatre performer – from high school kapa haka misfit to unexpected NASDA alumnus – we see the profound impact that Hugh plays in his life.

Embracing the qualities that both Hugh Jackman and Wolverine possess helps Spooner get through rough patches of feeling like an outsider wanting to fit into a world that he has no blueprint for. He comes to realise that it's OK to be a different kind of man – that he can be strong AND sensitive, he can haka AND high kick, be fierce AND fabulous.

Directed by NZ theatre veteran Jennifer Ward-Lealand, Super Hugh-Man is a shamelessly charming and heartfelt story, intricately weaving together comedy, dance, kapa haka and song into a stunning show.

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* Excellence Award, 2017 Auckland Theatre Awards


Basement Theatre and NZ Music Theatre Company for their support in the development and original production of Super Hugh-Man

...Spooner's autobiographical musical is deceptively complex. Honest, uplifting, stirring and hilarious...

[Spooner’s] earnestness and tenacity came pouring out as he shared the story of his very personal journey… unashamed, unabashed storytelling. 
                                                  Backstage Christchurch 

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