Evolving. Adapting. Dark. Charming. Julia Harvie (Movement Art Practice) and Sofia McIntyre (In Flagrante) collide in Super Moon, double-bill that is both electrifying feminist memoir and biological morphing allusion.

KILLJOY is a contradiction of terms. It is both fact and fiction, it is fearless and terrified, it stares down the barrel of the gun with eyes wide shut, it is the power of vulnerability, it is a muscular strength and a fragile ego. It is an angry beast dying to be stroked. It is how all the messy personal stuff is inextricably linked to that messy political stuff. A moving and electrifying memoir that is both provocative and beguiling, using charm and wit and a fistful of courage, it states: This is what a feminist looks like right now.

Faceless Hair Cry is a romantic duet danced solo. A transformation between temporary bodies using images of female biology, fertility, pollination and the act of ritual. Unusually shaped to attract pollinators. A cyclical journey from flora to fauna, to female form, in an artificial setting. Real and fake, nature and the artificial, and illusion versus allusion. Faceless Hair Cry is a redeveloped contemporary dance work created by Sofia McIntyre with compelling soundscape created by Paloma Schneideman.

R18 - Contains course language, distressing content, and full nudity.

Post-show Discussion // There will be a post-show discussion following the Thursday 10 October performance facilitated by a leader in the arts sector.

KILLJOY Creative Team:
Choreographer & Performer: Julia Harvie
Music: Demarnia Lloyd
Costume & Lighting Design: Stuart Lloyd-Harris
Choreographic Assistance: Megan Platt & Julia McKerrow

Faceless Hair Cry Creative Team:
Choreographer & Performer: Sofia McIntyre
Music: Paloma Schneideman