In a futuristic landscape of isolated rooms and transfer pods, two humans meet to undergo a replacement procedure that has become necessary for progress.

Their room, like the others, is stripped of detail and comforts, void of distraction. Within this defined space, the two of them are tested and compared as their histories are harvested. Walls whisper in codes and patterns, revealing only the most necessary information. Talking to them, urging them on and leading them through a series of tests, the room carefully manipulates their encounter to reveal the procedure they must undergo.

System is a new dance work by Muscle Mouth, creators of the passionate Triumphs and Other Alternatives (Tempo Dance Festival 2015). In System, Muscle Mouth has continued its rich and immersive approach to dance making, creating an eerie look at a possible future for our physical bodies when reproduction has transformed into something closer to information replication.

System is performed by two of New Zealand’s leading dancers, Ross McCormack and Luke Hanna. The third character in work is the room itself, which is given life and power through a rich collaboration of precision-led choreography, intelligent lighting, and a highly detailed sonic and audio-visual landscape (designed by Jason Wright, Natasha James).

Don’t miss this exquisite work; two shows only.

Q&A // There will be a post-show artist talk following the opening night performance facilitated by Tempo's Artistic Director Carrie Rae Cunningham.

Please note: contains strobe and brief nudity

The movement is astonishing and the dancers are truly amazing…it’s the kind of contemporary dance work that many of us crave and very rarely get
                                                                       - RNZ (2014)

It’s impossible not to draw parallels to science fiction cinema like Prometheus and Alien, partly because of the cinematic and mesmerising soundscape of Jason Wright
                                                                       - Five Lines, Area2 (2017)

Presented as part of Tempo Dance Festival 2018

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