"...Of all the farces written in the last three hundred years, few would seem more suitable for today's audience than Tartuffe: Molière's hilarious raillery against religious fanatic, hypocrisy and sex..." The New York Times

It's Auckland 2011 and a nouveau riche family is about to be undone by the arrival of Tartuffe. He's no visitor from Hawkes Bay. He's a life coach with the airbrushed charisma of a telly evangelist, a diabolically witted con-man whose appetite for seduction is as firm as his greasy grasp on religious hypocrisy.

He only needs a couple of suckers who will fall for his holier-than-thou routine and, in a batty society matron and her idiot son, he's found them. History tells us what false leaders have always been able to inspire a cult-like following and twist good words to evil words. Welcome to Apocalypse Paratai Drive.

Moliere risked being burned at the stake when he penned his hilarious satire of power and piety. Although the great unwashed and King Louis XIV gave Tartuffe the thumbs up, the Roman Catholic Church and the French aristocracy were outraged. They managed to throw their toys enough to get the play banned and almost succeeded in destroying Moliere's career forever.

In Silo Theatre's treatment, this wicked upmarket pantomime will swap the salons of Enlightenment Paris for the manicured backyards of Auckland's elite. Prada replaces ruffled collars and doted-on maids transform into pampered lapdogs. Inspired by the social pages we deplore (but just can't stay away from), this wildly funny, rambunctious hootenanny will be a Tartuffe for our times.

**Warning: Some content may offend.**

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