Where is the playwright Bruce Mason? Why has he suddenly gone missing? What made him leave his desk in such a hurry and disappear into the night?

The investigation into his disappearance is led by Detective Inspector Brett. He immediately finds two prime suspects waiting in Bruce's study: the local minister Reverend Athol Sedgwick who is hiding something, and the blind Werihe, who has an appointment and refuses to leave. Then there's the seagull who seems to be trying to tell them something.

Finding Bruce Mason soon becomes a matter of life, death and catching a big fish. Their investigation into his disappearance seems to reveal more about themselves than him, and when Bruce is finally found on Te Parenga Beach a terrible truth about their own lives is revealed.

Te Pō is about love outlasting death, about love waiting in the dark for you to find her again.

Winner – “Excellence Award” Auckland Theatre Awards 2016

Please note: This show includes themes that touch on violence, death, love and loss, and religion.

“…flawless” (Simon Wilson, Metro)

“Everything in the production comes together perfectly…This is imaginative and ambitious theatre, unafraid to ask the big questions, probing the nature of existence and grief. Reminding us that life can be funny and sad, meaningless and significant, universal and personal, all at the same time." (James Wenley, Theatre Scenes)

“… inventive and intelligent…an incredibly satisfying experience.” (John Daly-Peoples, NBR Business Review)