Celebrating 20 years as one of NZ's most influential musical groups, TrinityRoots are set to play a number of special shows. These not-to-be repeated shows will see TrinityRoots perform their classic album True in its entirety for the first time. 

Special guests Lisa Tomlins and Stephanie Paris (vocals), Jonathan Crayford (piano/synths), David Long (multi-instrumentalist) and an accompanying string section will help bring the classic album to life. 

Featuring iconic songs such as ‘Little Things’ & ‘Beautiful People’, these shows will see TrinityRoots performing True in its entirety for the first time.

“That record encapsulated everything that TrinityRoots was as a band at that time,” says Maxwell. “Musically we were exploring our collective jazz, roots and blues influences and also weaving in some New Zealand ‘flavours'. But we were also discovering our own individual traits, dynamics and personalities, of which were all imprinted into that record.It’s all pretty honest - which I think a lot of people really appreciated. It’s going to be an experience of aroha to perform the album with all of these beautiful people again and share that with our fans.”

Upon the release of True, platinum sales and sell-out gigs followed, quickly establishing TrinityRoots as one of Aotearoa’s most loved acts. With their distinct amalgam of earthy and hypnotic rhythms, poignant lyricism and sonic exploration, this album featured in Nick Bollinger’s 100 Essential NZ Albums and saw TrinityRoots win the inaugural ‘Best Roots Album’ accolade at the 2003 NZ Music Awards.

After the success of True, TrinityRoots continued to grow their fan base with follow-up platinum album Home, Land and Sea, Music Is Choice and Citizen. Warren Maxwell, Rio Hunuki-Hemopo and drummer/vocalist Ben Lemi will celebrate the recent vinyl release of True with these very special shows. 

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