A Hundred Trees Theatre and Q present
Wheel of Experience


Wheel is a unique musical and theatrical experience that paints the lives and legends of early NZ through epic original song. 

Written and performed by 
David Ward (Guru of Chai, Kiss The Fish
Peter Daubé (King Skinny, The Crucible)
Dave Khan (The Bads, Don McGlashan
Led by Daubé’s powerful vocals and commanding theatrical presence, the show morphs with each unfolding story, as multi-instrumentalists Ward and Khan shift rhythm, pace and texture. Each song is a journey unto itself as the performers move from haunting ballad to wailing sea shanty, blistering bluegrass to pounding blues. The trio performs on a vast array of instruments including Banjo, fiddle, mandolin, cigar-box and the chinese zhong ruan as well as hearty vocal harmony to create an event that will “steal you away and have you run the emotional gamut”.  

Experience the crimes of the Burgess Gang, love and betrayal on the Raurimu Spiral, the murder of Joe Kum Yung, the plight of a hardy band of shipwrecked sealers, confidence trickster Amy Bock’s most infamous transformation and the legend of archetypal 'westie' Francesco Rodriguez Figuera, known since as "Don Buck.” Each story walks a fine line between history and legend, humour and heart and it is left to the audience as to where that distinction lies.
Fresh from a 26 date nationwide tour earlier this year, from town halls to theatres to opera houses, Wheel Of Experience has been received to unanimous acclaim:
“Will haunt me for days…you can hear a collective sigh after each piece finishes.”
  Vivienne Quinn, Theatreview
“Neither musical nor theatrical experiences come any more astonishing than the Wheel of Experience. You hear about good performers bringing songs to life, but in this case, the songs seem to give birth to the performers. Nick Bollinger

Supported by Creative New Zealand.

Presented in partnership with Q Theatre as part of the 2014 season of Q Presents