Blackbird Ensemble and Q Present 
The Wilderness

It's classical music, but not as you know it. Brimming with young talent and energy, the Blackbird Ensemble is critically acclaimed for its theatrically enhanced and sensorially enriched performances of music by living composers. 

This winter, the vivacious Blackbird Ensemble give the Southern Hemisphere premiere of Max Richter's Four Seasons Recomposed. Richter has remixed, rescored and modernised Antonio Vivaldi's Baroque masterpiece into an electrifying, pulsating display of violin virtuosity. 

"The Four Seasons is something we all carry around with us," says Richter, a German-born British composer. "It's just everywhere. In a way, we stop being able to hear it. So this project is about reclaiming this music for me personally, by getting inside it and rediscovering it for myself – and taking a new path through a well-known landscape."

The 25 piece chamber orchestra is joined by international award winning young soloist Amalia Hall, bringing together a musical experience beyond your wildest imagination. 

Presented in partnership with Q Theatre as part of the 2014 season of Q Presents.