Presented by Q Theatre and Binge Culture as part of MATCHBOX 2018

In the midst of the ruin of an exploded production of Hamlet and some musical (Cats?), four of New Zealand’s top performers strike out on an optimistic quest to understand mortality.

Stranded on a dark stage, these adventurers endeavour to bring death into the light. They doggedly fight to keep the audience upbeat and the spectacle huge, but as music, dance and theatre collide, their own mortal truth is sneaking in from behind the curtain...

From the fear of the unknown, the vastness of outer space and those bad jokes you inevitably make at funerals, Yorick! sends our reality into hilarious, moonwalking disarray and leaves us with the only certainty - our end is on its way. With songs.

Presented as part of Q's MATCHBOX 2018 Season

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Nominated TOTAL THEATRE AWARD for Innovation, Experimentation & Playing with Form (UK)


"The performances are pure brilliance ★★★★" - THE PANOPTIC (UK) on Break Up (We Need To Talk)

", sparkly, deep, intricate...a deliciously twisted vision...delivers psychological electric shocks” - EXEUNT MAGAZINE (UK) on Ancient Shrines & Half Truths


Kicking off our first series of Meet the Makers podcasts, Joel Baxendale and Rachel Baker from Yorick! talk about the use of Hamlet as a trope for our demise, Scandinavian death cafés and how we shy away from death in modern Western culture.

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