2017 Matchbox Season // Jul 12 - Sep 16
Hudson & Halls Live! // June 27 - July 9
Velvet // SEP 21 - OCT 1


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FEATURED EVENTS (See What's On for all events on at Q)

Silo Theatre’s sell-out 2015 smash hit returns to Auckland for a mid-winter Christmas special. Prepare to be transported to a 1980s television studio for big laughs, rum-fuelled showdowns, and some very questionable cooking.

Jun 27 to Jul 9 2017

Layered with myth and fable, The Mooncake and the Kūmara is a moving story about a mixed-up, Māori-Chinese love affair that sprouts among rows of potatoes.



Jun 28 to Jul 8 2017

Sublime and ridiculous, simple and profound: a play about love, death and what is worth preserving. The Pickle King received 7 nominations in NZ's theatre awards, and won the supreme award, "Production of the Year."

Aug 2 to Aug 19 2017

Comedy. Death. Revolution. Love. Drugs. Discrimination. Identity. Bounding into its sixth year, Q’s 2017 MATCHBOX Season is an opportunity to witness three powerfully diverse voices presented by some of Aotearoa’s hottest theatre-makers. 

Jul 12 to Sep 16 2017

December, 1998. Dunedin. High summer in a town where there isn’t a lot to do. This is a comedy about death, revolution, unfulfilled love, and a possum. “Authentic and brilliant” (theaustraliatimes.com)

Jul 12 to Jul 22 2017

Connie sees Tristan. Tristan sees Connie. Hearts pound. Pulses soar. Is this the side-effect of only one thing...Their dangerous, electrifying, first-sight love...Or the experimental drug surging through them?

Aug 1 to Aug 12 2017

Step into the world of the two US DEA agents who were instrumental in the take down of the undisputed “king of cocaine”, Pablo Escobar.


Jul 15 to Jul 16 2017

Bring seven young women together; add boxing, jujitsu, ‘for real’ stories, a lot of sass and you get a CHANCE TO IGNITE.

Massive Company’s newest emerging artist show, directed by Scotty Cotter. 

Jul 25 to Jul 29 2017

In 2017, Fractious Tash will present the NZ premiere of The Effect an internationally acclaimed play by UK playwright Lucy Prebble. Be immersed in the process of creating theatre at this exclusive open rehearsal with Fractious Tash at Q.

Jul 15 2017

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