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ENCOUNTER the extraordinary and the eclectic.

FIND a home for creative thinking, risk-taking and mould-breaking.

CONNECT with artists and audiences, with Auckland’s leading arts organisations and festivals, as well as the theatrical firebrands of the future.

LOOK to Q as a home- a home for every artist in Auckland and beyond. Our doors are open to theatre, music, dance, comedy, film, visual art and everything in between.

DISCOVER creative collisions, where no two nights are the same.

MOVE between our heritage building, our purpose built auditorium, our underground rehearsal room. Flexible spaces that inspire events, experiences and happenings that couldn't exist anywhere else.

MEET up with friends, visitors, artists from around the globe or around the corner and hang out in our café, restaurant and bar - our lounge is your lounge.

Q is more than a custom-built venue. With COLLABORATION and PARTNERSHIP as its heartbeat, Q is an intersection of people, ideas and art-forms.

HERE and NOW at Q Theatre. 305 Queen Street.

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So you’re coming to Q. You’ve even picked a show and bought your tickets. You’ll need to know how to get here. But that’s just the beginning. Arrive early and head to the cafe, you can have dinner or just a snack. You’re only missing one thing - a drink. It’s lucky we’ve got a great bar then... more

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Whether you’re an individual who loves the theatre, or a company who’s looking to forge a new creative partnership, we’d love to hear from you.

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  • Dancer-choreographer Jennifer De Leon has performed throughout NZ and around the world. This month, Jenny is taking on the Auckland Fringe Festival, with her solo new work STRIPPED BARE, to confront personal questions and challenges about growing old - as a...

  • We meet the man behind the legacy to find out what inspired the project that supports today's emerging LGBT writers to showcase their courageous work onstage.

  • "...moving, sharp and totally believable...Simple, thought-provoking and mature, 'One Day Moko' is a beautiful gem of a show – don't miss it."

    Vanessa Byrnes
  • "...what a spectacle. You’ll cheer as the final song becomes a glorious celebration of the show’s brilliant excesses, as priests, Herod, Romans and all dance to the Webber...

    James Wenley