• Featured
    • 13/04/2015
    • Review
    Breath // Three Samuel Beckett Works
    • John Daly-Peoples
    • NBR

    "... it provides a fleeting insight into the despair, speculation and the pleasure of revisiting the past without bothering about the future."


  • Featured
    • 13/04/2015
    • Review
    Breath // Three Samuel Beckett Works
    • James Wenley
    • Theatrescenes

    "It is tempting to interpret Breath as an encapsulation of the ultimate message of all of Samuel Beckett’s plays: you’re born, life is rubbish, you die, and then it happens again to someone else ... this is a program reflect on. Inhale deeply."


    • 09/04/2015
    In Rehearsal With // Ingrid Hagan

    American Ingrid Hagan plays bassoon with the Koru Quintet, and is also Principal Bassoon of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. When Ingrid isn't performing or teaching, she spends her time... more

    • 01/04/2015
    Artist Pass // Edward Newborn

    We catch up with actor Edward Newborn to talk about him about returning to the works of Samuel Beckett after 30 years, the challenges of performing in a solo show and what Beckett means to an... more

    • 25/03/2015
    In Rehearsal with // Stephanie Engelbrecht

    Stephanie Engelbtrecht is a composer, producer and a percussionist performing in Strike Percussion's hit show, Between Zero and One, featuring compositions by internationally renowned... more

    • 16/03/2015
    Artist Pass // Andrew Paterson

    Wellington-based actor Andrew Paterson is part of Capital E's new show An Awfully Big Adventure, which explores the complexity of the times, the conduct of the war and the heroes and its... more

    Andrew Paterson, Capital E, Q Theatre, An Awfully Big Adventure
    • 16/03/2015
    Artist Pass // Andrew Keoghan

    New York-based New Zealand songwriter Andrew Keoghan returns to Loft to preview his forthcoming album, 'Every Orchid Offering'. Influenced by his time living in New York, Keoghan’s new... more

    • 05/02/2015
    Artist Pass // Jennifer De Leon

    Dancer-choreographer Jennifer De Leon has performed throughout NZ and around the world. This month, Jenny is taking on the Auckland Fringe Festival, with her solo new work STRIPPED BARE, to confront... more

    • 23/01/2015
    Artist Pass // Bruce Brown

    We meet the man behind the legacy to find out what inspired the project that supports today's emerging LGBT writers to showcase their courageous work onstage. more

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