Q: EXPOSED! 2024

Annual digital fundraiser | Because theatres get old, too
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THE CAMPAIGN HAS ENDED - thank you for your generosity and support!


Since 2011, Q Theatre has proudly served as an independent space for our community of artists and audiences alike, showcasing nearly 6,500 performances in our venues.

We’ve loved being your trusted CBD hub for exceptional experiences, but after more than a decade since our doors opened, our beloved building requires some much-needed TLC for the next few years to come. And we can’t do it alone!

In 2024, we’re kicking off the first year of Q: EXPOSED! – an annual digital fundraiser and end-of-tax-year appeal that raises money for the theatre and its equipment. Each year we’ll “expose” you to something at Q you may have never thought about or known existed that we could really use the support in maintaining or replacing.

This year’s focus is revealed by cherished Q regulars - New Zealand comedians Chris Parker and Tom Sainsbury - in a special behind-the-scenes video above (be sure to watch!).

The art is our heart, but it can’t beat without its vessel being looked after, too! With your help, we aim to raise $50,000 by Sunday 31 March.

We know this is a big ask, but there’s no community quite like the Q whānau when it comes to rallying together for a cause. No donation is too small, and we appreciate any gift that comes our way to uplift our role as kaitiaki for Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland’s home of independent performing arts.

Donate by using the button below, or, if a bank transfer is preferred, please contact Development Manager Ashley David via support@qtheatre.co.nz.

EXCITING CAMPAIGN UPDATE: Q Pioneer Donors John and Jo Gow surprised us with a matching gift offer of $25k, but only if we were successful in crowdfunding the first $25k. That made their donation a 1:1 match towards our $50k goal AND meant that every gift we received from you, our Q community, was doubled in its impact. Thanks to your support, we've not only reached, but exceeded our first target! We are now working towards a stretch goal of $60k before Sunday 31 March.


P.S. our tracker, dashboard, and donor list are updated twice a day, so if you don’t see your gift reflected, don’t fret! We’re grateful and promise it will appear soon.


We completely understand if a donation isn’t possible right now – times are tough! Or, maybe you’ve donated and are feeling extra generous. Either way, a few words below would be another a huge boost and allow us to share with our funders what Q means to our community.


What will the $50k raised during Q: EXPOSED! 2024 go towards?

This year, we’re focused on raising money for the big, clunky, and dangerously rusty HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system. We have a major problem with rust – to the point where the foundation is corroding. If this were to rust through and lead to a functioning failure, Q couldn't be open because there would be no air circulation in the building. SO! We are trying to front foot the problem with necessary replacements before there are major consequences.

Will $50k cover the full cost of replacement? When will replacement occur?

No, but it will be a huge help towards what we need to fundraise for this project. The estimated cost of replacement is $300,000. We have $50,000 already put aside and a plan to seek the remaining $200,000 through grant funding. At the end of the day, this is a big, expensive, and critical job that requires big, exciting, and creative fundraising to achieve. We will need to have the replacement done sometime between July 2025 and June 2026.

Why does Q need our donations? Can’t it find money from somewhere else?

Q’s annual operating costs are supported by many different sources including 1/3 from box office as well as food and beverage sales and another 1/3 from Auckland Council. The remaining 1/3 is raised from a combination of grants, individual giving, and sponsorships. In the current funding climate, with money for the arts declining due to an end to COVID-era insertion, Q is strategically diversifying its sources to create a sustainable way to look after its needs. Q: EXPOSED! is an opportunity to create an annual giving programme – allowing Q’s extended whānau to play a part in its maintenance for the next decade and beyond.

If Q: EXPOSED! is an annual campaign, what will next year’s campaign raise money for?

That’s to be determined! What’s exciting with an annual fundraiser is it’s a way each year to give back to Q, no matter what we decide to “expose” next.

You also mentioned this was an end-of-tax-year appeal. When is the end of the tax year and is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! The end of the tax year is always 31 March. Any donation to Q for more than $5 is eligible for a tax credit of 33.33 cents for every dollar. You’ll receive a receipt that can be submitted to the IRD.

I don't want to donate online. Can I make a bank transfer?

Of course! Email Q's Development Manager Ashley David via support@qtheatre.co.nz and she will get you set up for a donation through bank transfer.

What makes Q special? Why should I support this theatre?

Q is more than just a venue. We’re a home for multiple arts festivals, theatre, and dance companies as well as independent artists. The need for Q was identified after more than a decade of studies dating back to the closure of the Watershed Theatre in the mid-1990s and it was built thanks to more than a decade of effort from the performing arts community and leading citizens. The flexibility of our spaces makes them exciting with sizes that are just right for local artists. Our bar and café make us a hub for artists and audiences alike. Our programmes and audiences reflect the rich diversity of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland.


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