Pioneers & Founding Partners

Q theatre would not exist without the generosity of our Founding Partners and Pioneers.

Capital Founding Funders

Auckland Council Logo - Q Theatre

Auckland Council (Founding Partner & Core Funder)

Auckland Council has contributed a total of $9.6 million as well as the land and existing buildings at 305 Queen Street towards the construction of Q.

Auckland Council has worked in partnership with the New Theatre Initiative and Q throughout the development of the project, aiding with planning, modelling, research and community consultation.

Additionally, Auckland Council contributes to operational funding for the organisation each year. Supporting Q delivers on Auckland Council’s strategic objectives for the arts and the vision for the Aotea Quarter to be the city’s cultural heart, as well as an arts and entertainment hub.

Foundation North

Foundation North (Founding Supporter)

Q is one of Foundation North's largest funded projects with a total contribution of $4.45 million.

Using funds generated from the sale of its shareholding in the Auckland Savings Bank, Foundation North has granted almost $700 million since it formed in 1988, to groups and projects in Auckland and Northland.

NZ Lottery Grants Board

NZ Lottery Grants Board (Founding Supporter)

The Lottery Grants Board has contributed $6.05 million through its Significant Projects Fund to the construction of Q, a flexible new theatre space in the heart of Auckland.

The Fund is committed to developing and preserving New Zealand’s unique culture and national identity through community participation. In particular, it contributes to the completion of large-scale projects of benefit to the community.

Q Theatre Pioneers  (who gave before the first brick was laid - in alphabetical order)

Margaret Anderson

Robbie Bagnall

Lisa Bates & Douglas Hawkins

James & Margaret Belich

Betsy & Michael Benjamin

Chris Canning

Rosslyn Caughey

Chisholm Whitney Family Charitable Trust

Janet Clarke & John Judge

Geoffery & Sally Clatworthy

Clyde Graham Charitable Trust

Donny Charitable Trust

Anah Dunsheath

Good Neighbour Trust.  Lambie  Family

John & Jo Gow

Roger & Dianne Hall

Elizabeth Heaney

Hutton Wilson Charitable Trust

Peter & Sally Jackson

Lou and Iris Fisher Charitable Trust

Pamela Marsland

Barrie & Nicola Mitchell

Catherine Nola

Nancie Plested

Warren & Marjorie-Susan Robinson

Mark & Lyndy Sainsbury

Peter & Rita Salmon

Sir John Logan Campbell Residuary Estate

Jenny & Andrew Smith

Madelene Strong