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  • Whispering Truth to Power

    Whispering Truth to Power

    South Africa’s first female Public Protector builds a case against the country's President, attempting to prove that he is allowing his son's business partners to take over the government for profit.

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    DatesMay 26 to May 27 2018
  • Genesis 2.0
    DatesMay 27 to Jun 2 2018
  • Kailash


    Controversial Indian Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi has spent decades fighting for an end to child labour in India. But it’s dangerous work...

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    DatesMay 27 to May 29 2018
  • Complicit


    Yi Yeting, a benzene victim-turned-activist, discovers two dozen leukaemia cases among Foxconn workers making Apple products in China. He vows to educate them and their families, empowering them to fight back.

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    DatesMay 28 to Jun 2 2018
  • People’s Republic of Desire

    People’s Republic of Desire

    Two online streamers rise from isolation to fame and fortune in China, but can their new virtual relationships replace real-life human connections?

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    DatesMay 28 to May 30 2018
  • Recruiting for Jihad

    Recruiting for Jihad

    When police seize documentary footage of a famous Norwegian jihadi extremist, filmmakers take their battle for press freedom all the way to the country's Supreme Court.

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    DatesMay 28 to May 30 2018
  • Shorts 3: DOClicious

    Shorts 3: DOClicious

    A collection of three short films looking at food and its impact on society.

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    DatesMay 28 to May 31 2018
  • The Russian Job

    The Russian Job

    In this satirical look at a Lada factory, a microcosm of contemporary Russia, people want revolution — as long as nothing changes.

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    DatesMay 28 to Jun 1 2018
  • George Michael: Freedom: The Directors’ Cut

    George Michael: Freedom: The Directors’ Cut

    George Michael strove to be one of the most influential recording artists of all time – so why did he then step out of the limelight and turn his back on celebrity?

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    DatesMay 29 to Jun 3 2018
  • Kim Swims

    Kim Swims

    Kiwi expat Kim Chambers chases her biggest dream: to be the first woman to swim solo through 50 kilometres of freezing, swirling currents and the world’s largest great white sharks.

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    DatesMay 29 to Jun 3 2018
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