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  • Two Hearts

    Two Hearts: Auckland World Tour

    The arena-sized smash hit of the 2017 NZ International Comedy Festival is back by popular demand! 2018 Billy T Award nominees Laura Daniel and Joseph Moore bring their hilarious lyrics, distractingly hot dancers, and non-stop catchy AF bangers back to Q's Loft this December!

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    DatesDec 12 to Dec 16 2017
  • Stimmung Choir sings Songs for the Deaf

    Stimmung Choir sings Songs for the Deaf

    Following the ravingly awesome, sold out Hail to the Thief concert, Stimmung Choir embark on their second album concert in collaboration with Q Theatre.

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    DatesDec 15 to Dec 16 2017
    Produced byStimmung Choir

    WIRED examines what it is to be human in a chaotic world. It is a journey towards exploring identity interfaced with the relationship of culture.

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    DatesJan 24 to Jan 28 2018
  • Tierra y Mar

    Tierra y Mar: A Flamenco Guitar Project

    Paul Bosauder presents Tierra y Mar: A Flamenco Guitar Project featuring artists from Andalucía, Barcelona and New Zealand. Tierra y Mar captures the essence of traditional flamenco, combining it with innovative elements to create a truly moving and emotive performance.

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    DatesFeb 1 to Feb 2 2018
  • Auckland Pride Festival 2018

    Auckland Pride Festival 2018

    Q’s annual Pride programme creates a platform for LGBTQI+ artists, celebrates the LGBTQI+ experience, explores the multiplicity of identity and creates opportunity for artists to present work in the festival context that Auckland Pride Festival generates, in a meaningful and impactful way, one which speaks to the human experience.

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    DatesFeb 2 to Feb 18 2018
  • The Auckland Pride Gala 2018

    The Auckland Pride Gala 2018

    The official opening of the Auckland Pride Festival 2018!

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    DatesFeb 2 2018
    Produced byThe Auckland Pride Festival
  • Gays in Space

    Gays in Space

    Three hapless homosexuals and one clinical SexBot, are rocketed into deep space. Their mission? Probing Uranus. Their method? Singing, grinding, sassing and searching Grindr for sexy aliens the entire way. 

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    DatesFeb 7 to Feb 16 2018
    Produced bySmith and Thomas
  • The LnP Project – Love and Pride

    The LnP Project – Love and Pride

    An intimate evening of deconstructed pop for the gentle hearted. The LnP Project perform originals and covers with harmonies that will leave you humming and longing.

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    DatesFeb 7 2018
    Produced byThe LnP Project
  • Leather Lungs: Son of a Preacher

    Leather Lungs: Son of a Preacher

    Fresh from your boyfriend's bed, this master of falsetto and stiletto crosses with religion, fistfights with sexuality and discos with dildos.

    Warning: contains traces of nuts, (p)leather and Dusty Springfield.

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    DatesFeb 8 to Feb 10 2018
    Produced byGeoffrey Bryan
  • Legacy Project 5

    Legacy Project 5

    Forget coming out stories. Bite into six delightful queer tales which showcase the wonderful, wilful and downright weird stories of our local queer community with Legacy Project 5.

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    DatesFeb 8 to Feb 16 2018
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