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    Brought to you by the uncompromising Bullet Heart Club, The Pantograph Punch, Fractious Tash, LOT23, The PlayGround Collective and Fireplace. 2015’s handpicked Q Presents season is here to devour this winter...

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    DatesJul 24 to Sep 19 2015
  • Exhibit Q // Coco Campbell

    Visual arts curated by LOT23 & inspired by the stories & themes in the 2015 Q Presents season, artists take over Q’s vertical spaces with black & white works of unravelling humanity...

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    DatesJul 24 to Sep 19 2015
    Produced byLOT23
  • Q Mixtape

    Located in the beating hub of the arts precinct, Q brings you a mixtape of free live gigs in our Lounge bar with a generous helping of cult musicians & DJ’s to enjoy every Saturday night.

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    DatesJul 24 to Sep 19 2015

    The Pantograph Punch bring you three unique nights of storytelling, collaboration and discussions inspired by the stories and themes in the 2015 Q Presents season...


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    DatesAug 7 to Sep 19 2015
  • The Events

    In the fallout of one horrific act, Claire, a liberal priest and choir leader, is forced to question the nature of evil and battle with the concept of forgiveness. It’s a journey that will take her to the edge of reason, science, politics and faith.

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    DatesSep 3 to Sep 26 2015
    Produced bySilo Theatre
  • All Your Wants and Needs Fulfilled Forever

    Video games, porn & pet rats; Simon distracts himself from the recent death of his father -- until a mysterious box arrives that promises to change his life forever.

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    DatesSep 9 to Sep 19 2015
    Produced byThe PlayGround Collective
  • Q Mixtape presents // Ruckus

    Ruckus are an improvising group playing new compositions by David Ward. Long marinated in such juices as Monk, Coleman, Mingus, Lacy, Zappa and Frisell, David writes music that is melodic, humourous, rhythmic and joyous.

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    DatesSep 12 2015
    Produced byFireplace
  • SUBTEXTS // The Kill Screen

    When is a work ready to meet the world, and when is it time to slay the muse? The Pantograph Punch hosts a panel of artists, musicians and writers in conversation about beginnings, ends, and when to put the pen down.

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    DatesSep 17 2015
  • q Mixtape presents // Coco Davis

    In work ranging from jazz and blues interpretations to music-theatre collisions Coco Davis sings seductive nightmares to shake you from slumber, spinning tales from the dark side of the female heart.

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    DatesSep 19 2015
    Produced byFireplace
  • NZTrio Loft Series 2: Surge

    Join NZTrio in the intimate Loft Theatre at Q for another thrilling series of musical works, including three new commissions by New Zealanders David HamiltonChris Cree Brown, and Ken Young.  

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    DatesSep 20 2015
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