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  • The Q Heroes Exclusive Events

    POWER-UP! and get the full Q Theatre experience with these special events for Q Hero members.

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    DatesDec 11 2016 to Jul 31 2017
  • 2017 Matchbox Season

    Comedy. Death. Revolution. Love. Drugs. Discrimination. Identity. Bounding into its sixth year, Q’s 2017 MATCHBOX Season is an opportunity to witness three powerfully diverse voices presented by some of Aotearoa’s hottest theatre-makers. 

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    DatesJul 12 to Sep 16 2017
  • Chance to Ignite

    Bring seven young women together; add boxing, jujitsu, ‘for real’ stories, a lot of sass and you get a CHANCE TO IGNITE.

    Massive Company’s newest emerging artist show, directed by Scotty Cotter. 

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    DatesJul 25 to Jul 29 2017
  • The Effect // 2017 MATCHBOX Season

    Connie sees Tristan. Tristan sees Connie. Hearts pound. Pulses soar. Is this the side-effect of only one thing...Their dangerous, electrifying, first-sight love...Or the experimental drug surging through them?

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    DatesAug 1 to Aug 12 2017
    Produced byFractious Tash
  • The Pickle King

    Sublime and ridiculous, simple and profound: a play about love, death and what is worth preserving. The Pickle King received 7 nominations in NZ's theatre awards, and won the supreme award, "Production of the Year."

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    DatesAug 2 to Aug 19 2017
    Produced byIndian Ink
  • NZTrio 2017 Loft Series #2 - Spiral

    NZTrio’s 2017 Loft Series offers an eclectic mix of superbly matched contemporary and classical master works.  Enjoy a far-reaching selection of works from China, England, Austria, and Germany, plus new commissions from NZ composers.

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    DatesAug 13 to Aug 15 2017
  • A Streetcar Named Desire Banner


    Seventy years after its Broadway premiere, A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE’S violent portrayal of femininity, masculinity and sexuality still  feels  urgent and powerful in its exploration of desire and domestic brutality.

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    DatesAug 24 to Sep 16 2017
    Produced bySilo Theatre
  • OTHER [chinese] // 2017 MATCHBOX Season

    This contemporary expression of multiculturalism sees writer and director, Alice Canton, bringing actors and non-actors from various different Chinese communities to navigate the many forms of  mis-representation  and discrimination.

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    DatesSep 6 to Sep 16 2017
    Produced byWhite_mess

    An electrifying journey  to  a world of glamour, VELVET is a seductive fusion of disco, dance and circus. It’s a party with an exhilarating disco soundtrack, showcasing dazzling acrobatics, disco divas and sizzling chanteuses.

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    DatesSep 21 to Oct 1 2017
  • Tempo Dance Festival 2017

    Get ready for 12 days of dance! Tempo Dance Festival returns to Q Theatre this October with a stunning line-up for two weeks celebrating all things that move, groove and get loose! Full programme announced Thursday 10 August

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    DatesOct 4 to Oct 15 2017
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