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  •  Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company // ADAPTATION // Tempo Dance Festival 20


    West Coast meets the world with L.A. Contemporary Dance Company’s NZ premiere: ADAPTATION, a visceral evening of cutting-edge contemporary dance by one of LA’s leading dance companies.  

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    DatesOct 10 to Oct 11 2018
  • System // Muscle Mouth // Tempo Dance Festival 2018


    In a futuristic landscape, two humans undergo a replacement procedure now necessary for progress, featuring precision-led choreography, intelligent lighting, and highly detailed sonic and audio-visual landscape from Muscle Mouth.

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    DatesOct 12 to Oct 13 2018
  • Medusa


    With a head of poisonous snakes and a murderous gaze, Medusa has come to  epitomise  female monstrosity. Caravaggio painted her. Shakespeare wrote about her. Freud had a bloody field day.

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    DatesOct 24 to Nov 3 2018
  • Loft 3: Twine

    Loft 3: Twine

    NZTrio’s beguiling knack for pairing eclectic works into a single concert experience is unparalleled. This 2018 series is no exception – it is rich with savvy sound curation and unexpected connections.

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    DatesNov 11 to Nov 13 2018
    Produced byNZTrio
  • Here Lies Love

    Here Lies Love

    Inspired by the meteoric rise and fall of Imelda MarcosHere Lies Love gathers the fiercest disco divas for an unmissable concert of unchecked desire, art pop and disco balls.

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    DatesNov 22 to Dec 8 2018
    Produced bySilo Theatre
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