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  • Silo 2018

    SILO 2018

    The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

    Join us to look at the world from another perspective. Read more about the season here.

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    DatesMar 20 to Dec 8 2018
  • MATCHBOX 2018 Season

    MATCHBOX 2018 Season

    Every year Q Theatre co-presents a season of works through its creative development programme, MATCHBOX.

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    DatesJun 13 to Nov 30 2018
  • Loft 1: Weave

    NZTrio 2018 Loft Series

    NZTrio’s beguiling knack for pairing eclectic works into a single concert experience is unparalleled. This 2018 series is no exception – it is rich with savvy sound curation and unexpected connections.

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    DatesJun 24 to Nov 15 2018
  • Mrs Krishnan's Party // Indian Ink Theatre Company

    Mrs Krishnan's Party

    Fresh from a sell-out season, Mrs Krishnan’s Party is an immersive ‘party-within-a-play’ celebrating the colourful spirit of Onam – a festival of love, life, and renewal – where strangers leave as friends with their bellies and their souls fed.

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    DatesAug 22 to Sep 2 2018
  • Balancing Point // Footnote New Zealand Dance

    Balancing Point

    Balancing Point is a breathtaking contemporary dance double-bill by Footnote New Zealand Dance. For their major season of 2018, Footnote intersects two hypnotic new dance works by choreographers Zahra Killeen-ChanceJames O'Hara & Eliza Sanders.

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    DatesAug 28 to Aug 29 2018
  • The NZ Body Art Showcase 2018

    The NZ Body Art Showcase 2018

    Think hunchbacked scaly swamp monsters, esoteric glow-in-the-dark children, and ethereal other-worldly beings taking turns gliding across a continual catwalk, and you have just some of the attractions at The NZ Body Art Showcase

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    DatesSep 1 2018
  • DUALITY // Momentum Productions


    Momentum Productions is back with a new dynamic dance production DUALITY, bringing together different elements of dance to present a diverse approach to hybridising movement.

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    DatesSep 5 to Sep 6 2018
  • Orientation // MATCHBOX 2018


    We’re stripping Asianess naked as Chinese-Kiwi Mei begins her quest to root herself back to her roots. Gird your loins as we go deep into how race, sex and love collide in New Zealand.

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    DatesSep 5 to Sep 15 2018
  • An Evening With Chelsea Manning

    An Evening With Chelsea Manning

    Think Inc. is excited to announce the first visit to New Zealand by the American activist, politician, former US Army Soldier and now court-martialled whistle-blower, Chelsea Manning.

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    DatesSep 8 2018
    Produced byThink Inc.
  • Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play

    Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play

    A post-apocalyptic world. A campfire. The Simpsons.

    Anne Washburn’s glittering dark comedy watches the world as we know it crumble into an uncertain future and asks: What now?

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    DatesSep 13 to Sep 29 2018
    Produced bySilo Theatre
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