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  • Dealin’ With The Devil

    Dealin’ With The Devil

    Phil Davison and alter ego  Dr.  Marigaux take a deep, often disturbing road — full of blues music, animation and dry humour — through a heartfelt human tragedy to a shining gospel redemption.

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    DatesMay 31 to Jun 1 2018
  • Golden Dawn Girls

    Golden Dawn Girls

    When the members of Greece’s Golden Dawn Party are imprisoned and accused of heading a criminal organization, their daughters, wives and mothers step up to take over.

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    DatesMay 31 to Jun 2 2018
  • Edible Paradise | Growing the Food Forest Revolution

    Edible Paradise | Growing the Food Forest Revolution

    The dream of greening post-quake Canterbury, by saving heritage fruit and nut varieties from the bulldozers, and ensuring genetic diversity, medical benefits and historic links are available to future generations.

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    DatesJun 1 to Jun 3 2018
  • Shorts 6: You Go Girl

    Shorts 6: You Go Girl

    Two short films looking at three women who took on the world when the world told them no.

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    DatesJun 1 2018
  • Anote’s Ark

    Anote’s Ark

    Anote Tong, endearing President of Kiribati, advocates in international forums and investigates building underwater cities. Meanwhile, Sermary must decide whether to uproot her family and migrate to safety in New Zealand.

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    DatesJun 2 2018
  • Shorts 4: The Launchpad

    Shorts 5: The Launchpad

    A collection of four short films made by up-and-coming tertiary student filmmakers in New Zealand, about New Zealand

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    DatesJun 2 2018
  • Stan


    Much-loved New Zealand music idol and actor Stan Walker allows cameras to get close, following him for months as he battles serious health issues, with family by his side.

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    DatesJun 2 2018
  • Shorts 5: ARTearoa

    Shorts 4: ARTearoa

    A collection of four local short films focusing on some of New Zealand's greatest artists

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    DatesJun 3 2018

    Spielberg – Closing Night

    Steven Spielberg opens up about his bittersweet childhood and lifelong obsession with filmmaking, covering precocious early TV work, blockbusters, more serious dramatic films, and the relationships he’s cultivated during his career.

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    DatesJun 3 2018
  • Don Juan – Edinburgh fundraising season

    Don Juan – Edinburgh fundraising season

    Don Juan lives big and loves big. This year he’s undertaking his ultimate conquest: the Edinburgh Fringe. But before he goes he’s getting naughty in Auckland one last time…

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    DatesJun 5 to Jun 9 2018
    Produced byA Slightly Isolated Dog
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