Q Residency 2023 - Roy's Journey

Meet Roy Iro and follow along his journey as he writes and develops a play! 

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WEEK ONE UPDATE (week commencing Mon 3 April):
My first week at Q Theatre consisted of preparation for moving into the upcoming weeks. I really want the focus of my time to be less on writing and more focused on a devising process. This first week was essentially a writing and brainstorming week. Breaking down the script, the characters, the world and picking the strongest scenes to create a trailer that can easily capture my artistry, my vision for what this show looks like and my vision for what the vibe is of the overall show. 

Click here to check out the Week One video update. 

Q Residency - Roy Iro Writing image - Q Theatre


WEEK TWO UPDATE (week commencing Mon 10 April):
This week consisted of shifting and refining the story. Making things make sense. Heightening situations for characters, building stronger relationships between the characters and the world surrounding them.

It also consisted of on-the-floor work, playing around with different styles of storytelling, portraying the gameplay of tennis and assorting different styles to showcase this.

Problem-solving is my favourite part of the creative process and that’s what this week entailed. A lot of problem-solving and a lot of problems solved.

Click here to check out the Week Two video update. 

Roy Q Residency - Week 2 Rehearsal - Q Theatre


WEEK THREE UPDATE (week commencing Mon 17 April):

Shuffling, constant changes and cuts is the highlight of this week. Focused on enhancing the story between Uncle and Nephew, with tennis being the forefront of both our characters problems. 

Working alongside Poe Tiare Tararo to help me shape the cultural aspects of the script & Sean Rivera to help me refine and chisel it has been a huge help. Shout out to these two amazing artists.

Click here to check out the Week Three video update. 

Q Residency - Roy Week 3 Image - Q Theatre


WEEK FOUR (FINAL WEEK!) UPDATE (week commencing Mon 24 April):

My week 4 has been phenomenal. A lot of necessary work and it’s awesome to see a part of the script come alive. This week, it's been great working on lighting and tech runs with the help of Q's venue technicians, Tim, Dan and Taylor. Thanks to Sepelini Mua’au for mentoring me throughout the process, Sean Rivera on his dramaturgy, Eliza our stage manager, and Mustaq Missouri and Tāne Rolfe who are portraying the characters of Abera and Tupou. Shout out to Q Theatre for all their help throughout this process. I’m blessed to be apart of this process and forever grateful to have been a recipient.

Click here to check out the Week Four video update.

Q Residency - Roy Iro week 4 rehearsal - Q Theatre