2019 NZ International Comedy Festival with Best Foods Mayo




NZ International Comedy Festival 2019

The annual NZ International Comedy Festival with Best Foods Mayo is back this May, with yet another bangin’ line-up of laughs.

May 2 to May 26 2019

Dialogue Matters

Like your comedy with a side of something more serious? Thought provoking, intimate and hilarious, Dialogue is the Festival’s storytelling show, hosted by Pax Assadi.   

May 22 2019

Chris Parker // Iconique

Chris Parker is hoping to fool himself that all those wasted hours on the internet watching videos on his phone of the greats (Garland, Streisand, Parton, Lupone...) was all actually in aid of his next thesis, ICONIQUE - the making of an icon.

May 21 2019

Pax Assadi // Raised By Refugees

Yo, it's yah boy Pax, and I'm taking time off from being a dad to do a brand new hour of comedy for you!

May 14 to May 24 2019

Rhys Nicholson // Nice People Nice Things Nice Situations

“Hello there. It's me, Rhys, from comedy. Would you like to come to my comedy concert? Why not, you know? It will be nice. Hooray! Please come.”

May 21 to May 25 2019

Melanie Bracewell // The Rumors Are True

What rumours? Are there any rumours? All we know is that some people have been saying Melanie Bracewell is one of the fastest-rising stars in New Zealand comedy.

May 21 to May 25 2019

Donna Brookbanks // Heroic

PAZZOWIE! What does it take to be a superhero? What is a superhero? Donna Brookbanks is both super and a hero, so is in the best possible position to deliver the answer.

May 21 to May 25 2019

James Mustapic // The Blair Witch Projector

James Mustapic is doing away with gimmicks and giving up on the flashy multimedia comedy he is known for in his show this year... or so he thinks!

May 21 to May 25 2019

Ed Byrne // Spoiler Alert

No international comedian has headlined more NZ Comedy Festivals than Irishman Ed Byrne, and he is back in 2019 with a brand new show - Spoiler Alert.

May 21 to May 25 2019

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