Owls Do Cry
Half of the Sky
Billy T Jams
My Heart Goes Thadak Thadak
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Half of The Sky

How much living can you fit in before you die?

And who do you choose to do that living with?

Oct 16 to Oct 26 2019

Owls Do Cry

The first ever theatre production of New Zealand’s first great novel. Red Leap brings the delight of reading to life, bringing their signature devising styles to beloved author Janet Frame

Oct 17 to Nov 2 2019

My Heart Goes Thadak Thadak

My Heart Goes Thadak Thadak is a joyous and immersive night at the theatre filled with sibling showdowns, divas, dancing and pure movie-making magic.

Nov 21 to Dec 14 2019

Mellon Collie: Stimmung Choir sings The Smashing Pumpkins

The iconic, seminal, straight-up classic album 'Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (Disc 1)' performed by the iconoclastic, singular, straight-up unusual Stimmung Choir. Epic guest artists. 20-piece band. Full joy. Full noise.

Dec 15 2019

Top Town

Another hilarious night out with your favourite dance comedians, Dynamotion
Set in 1989, a motley crew from Twizel battle it out on NZ’s greatest ever reality TV show, Top Town!

Dec 10 to Dec 21 2019

Billy T Jams

Join us for Comedy Fest’s spectacular showcase of this year's exceptional Billy T Award nominees: Brynley Stent, James Mustapic, Josh Davies, Lana Walters & Ray O’Leary.

Feb 28 2020

Eat & Drink at Citizen Q

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So you’re coming to Q. You’ve even picked a show and bought your tickets. You’ll need to know how to get here. But that’s just the beginning. Arrive early and head to the cafe, you can have dinner or just a snack. You’re only missing one thing - a drink. It’s lucky we’ve got a great bar then... more

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