Celebrating an amazing season of Briefs - Dirty Laundry

Briefs - Dirty Laundry was one heck of a wild ride. Now that the season has wrapped up, we're reflecting on all the highlights! 

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As the curtains closed last week on a remarkable season of Briefs - Dirty Laundry, we're celebrating the dazzling spectacle that captivated audiences and left us with so many fantastic memories to last a lifetime. 

We were stoked to have the BRIEFS crew return to our whare with another show-stopping performance after their visits to Q back in 2016 and 2017. Their previous shows left a lasting impression and were hard to top, but rest assured, Dirty Laundry pulled out all the stops with more outrageous humour, jaw-dropping physicality, glitz and glitter than ever before. Take a look at what the people had to say about it! 

"F*king funny...will have you absolutely screeching with laughter
...choreography that would leave Beyoncé shooketh"
  - The Edge 

"Delightful, spontaneous, extra" - Audience Member 

"A welcoming atmosphere that oozed flirty fun and silliness" - Keeping Up With NZ 

"Blew my knickers off, basically" - Audience Member 

Things kicked off with a banger of an opening night, complete with enthusiastic audiences, fabulous hosts Hugo Grrrl and Bryony Skillingtonphoto ops galore, a live DJ, and of course, a spectacular performance from the Briefs boys.

Briefs opening night collage portrait - Q Theatre

Later in the season, audiences were greeted by a special, surprise guest to the line-up - none other than Auckland's very own and VERY fabulous Elektra Shock. When the fierce Fez Faanana had to take some time away from the show to deal with a personal matter, Elektra graciously stepped in and brought her signature cheeky humour and razzle and dazzle to the stage. 

Elektra Shock Image - Q Theatre

Amidst all the mischief and mayhem that unfolds on stage, the Briefs crew also bring with them a safe space for performers and audiences alike.

In a world that can often demand conformity, Briefs is all about celebrating the beauty of being unapologetically oneself. Fez Faanana (Director and Co-Founder of Briefs Factory International) spoke with NZ Herald, saying “As a bearded immigrant Samoan living in Australia, sometimes I felt I wasn’t welcome in spaces or places that weren’t set up for me. When I was creating this company, it was really about there being an open invitation - there’s a seat for everyone, especially in a theatre like the Q Theatre"

In a nutshell, Briefs - Dirty Laundry was quite truly the party of the year and we were absolutely delighted to work with Briefs Factory International and Cluster Arts to bring such a fantastic, outrageous show to the audiences of Tāmaki Makaurau. 

We can't wait to see what the Briefs crew have in store for us next! 

"Auckland, what a stunning way for Briefs Factory to wrap up 2023 by being in the gorgeous Q Theatre. We have loved every second of our time in Aotearoa, it holds a special place in all our hearts. Thank you for coming out & seeing Dirty Laundry, all your snaps on socials and your kind words to all us boys. We love you!! Special shout out to Elektra Shock for stepping in as host like the boss Queen she is. See you next time Auckland! xx" - The Briefs Crew 

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All images by Jinki Cambronero