Media Release: Q Theatre's MATCHBOX Season Makes Triumphant Return

2023 marks the 10th year of Q Theatre’s Creative Development Programme, MATCHBOX. This year will platform three fantastic productions in Loft. 

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2023 marks the 10th year of Q Theatre’s Creative Development Programme, MATCHBOX. This year will platform three productions in Loft. The season will start on August 1st with a new contemporary dance work, Rituals of Similarity, followed by Losing Face, a daddy issues play by Nathan Joe, and comedy hit Boom Shankar in September. 

This year marks a pivotal change in the way the MATCHBOX programme is run. Instead of each show seeking funding independently as in previous years, Q Theatre has obtained funding from Auckland Council, Creative New Zealand (CNZ), the Gus Fisher Charitable Trust and individual giver Nancie Plested to support all three of this year’s shows. This greater degree of financial support provides more stability for the artists involved and resources for hiring collaborators. Like previous years, MATCHBOX uses a revenue-share system to reduce risk for artists.

Sarah Graham, Deputy Chief Executive and Programme Director, said: “We're stoked that with the generosity of our funders and supporters, we're able to host these incredible artists as part of this year's MATCHBOX season. The goal of MATCHBOX is to uplift artists who are at a defining stage of their career and to provide the resources to present a production that encapsulates their artistic vision on their own terms.”

MATCHBOX, originally run as Q Presents, has given a stage to dozens of live performances and enabled hundreds of creators and performers to reach a wider audience with their work. Notable successes include 2018’s Burn Her, and 2014’s Daffodils, both having sell-out MATCHBOX seasons. Daffodils went on to be adapted into a film which was released in 2019.

For the first time ever, Q Theatre is also offering a season pass to see all three shows for the combined price of ninety dollars*. The season passes are an opportunity for audiences to show their support and appreciation for MATCHBOX and the artists involved in this year’s season. 

Information on the three shows as part of the 2023 MATCHBOX season follows:
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Rituals of Similarity

A physical theatre duet by Brittany and Natasha Kohler
1 - 5 August 2023

Identical twins, Brittany and Natasha Kohler have lived their lives as two individuals being recognised as one. Tender and awkward, earnest and humorous, the two engage in an exploration of identity, self-definition and nature vs nurture through the medium of contemporary dance.

Produced by Dance Plant Collective, with a creative team including Talia Pua, Zoë McNicholas, Paul Bennett and Lucien Johnson.

About MATCHBOX, Brittany Kohler said “It’s an incredible opportunity for us to grow as artists and showcase our work whilst being held by a talented team. It’s quite the feat to get dance work on stage, especially with the arts funding crisis, so to be supported to do that is pretty spectacular. I’m really just thrilled to be on this journey, and feel that the support of Q and our creative collaborators will propel our work forward in a way that we wouldn’t be able to do ourselves.


Photo credit: Mataara Stokes

Losing Face

A play by Nathan Joe, directed by Samuel Phillips
9 - 19 August 2023 

On Christmas Eve, a white man and his younger Chinese boyfriend are waiting for the older white man’s half-Chinese daughter to show up. What could go wrong?

Nathan Joe deconstructs the domestic drama into a Caryl Churchill-inspired series of failed reconciliations. A love story grappling with race, sexuality, love and fatherhood.

Written by Nathan Joe, directed by Sam Phillips and produced by Nahyeon Lee (Punctum Productions), performed by Andrew Ford, Shervonne Grierson and Danny Lam, with a creative team including Shan Yu and Jen Lal. 

Speaking to being part of the 2023 MATCHBOX season, Nathan Joe said "Q MATCHBOX was always one of my major aspirational milestones as an emerging theatre-maker, and is something I'm so stoked to see return and to finally be a part of. The opportunity to present Losing Face at one of my dream spaces with the team Sam Phillips and Nahyeon Lee have put together is something I'm deeply grateful for. It's gonna rock!


Boom Shankar

A theatrical comedy by Aman Bajaj and Bala Murali Shingade
6 - 16 September 2023

Shankar Shinde is a fresh graduate of BDSM (Bomb Defusal School of Manukau). His expertise and nerves are tested when he is confronted with his first real-world challenge - will he rise to the occasion? Join Shankar on a journey that explores love, life, and the importance of selecting the right type of yoghurt.

Produced by Gayatri Adi (Agaram Productions) with a creative team including Aman Bajaj, Bala Murali Shingade, Ahi Karunaharan and Isabelle Hoskyn.

Bala Murali Shingade says, “The opportunity to present Boom Shankar at Q MATCHBOX 2023 is a huge step up for us as theatremakers and is a real validation of our efforts with this work. Since our first seasons at Basement Theatre next door, we’ve done some rigorous development and brought the work to the next level. We’re thrilled to be able to share this bigger and better Boom Shankar!


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