Q Residency 2023 - Samara's Journey

Follow Samara Te Aniwa Reweti along on her journey of redeveloping a dance work! 

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WEEK ONE UPDATE (week commencing Mon 3 April):
This week has been super clarifying. I’ve been gathering and collating pools of inspiration, refining my ideas and putting them all on paper. A lot reading, writing, researching, story-boarding, mood-boarding and mind-mapping. As well as physicalising the movement qualities I’m keen to explore within the work. 

Working from home this week in Tauranga Moana has been very grounding - as it always is. I’ve had super inspiring conversations with friends and family. Being home has really strengthened my vision for the film, as well as the kaupapa for it.  

Click here to check out the Week One video update. 

Samara Week One Work - Q Theatre


WEEK TWO UPDATE (week commencing Mon 10 April):
This week has been really exciting! I finally connected with my collaborators, Ehetere Pearse and Indiana Carder-Dodd. They are such beautiful movers and it has been so inspiring having them in the space. 

We’ve been doing a lot of exploring and playing, testing ideas and building choreographic material. The world of the work is slowly but surely weaving itself together. I’m learning so much as we go along!

Click here to check out the Week Two video update. 

Samara Q Residency 2023 - Week 2 Rehearsal Pic - Q Theatre

WEEK THREE UPDATE (week commencing Mon 17 April):

This week was simultaneously very hectic and very chill. There was a lot to do in preparation for a massive day of filming on Thursday, but it all ended up going amazingly! My family came along to watch and support, and my cousin, Tawahinga Butt, filmed the work! It was such a fun process and the footage looks epic. Feeling very grateful to be able to collaborate with my incredible family and friends. 

Click here to check out the Week Three video update. 

Q Residency - Samara Drawing - Q Theatre


WEEK FOUR (FINAL WEEK!) UPDATE (week commencing Mon 24 April):

This final week has been full on! I’ve been busy editing my film and figuring out exactly how I want to present it. This week, I was able to test different ideas in the theatre space and play around with projection mapping, which was really fun. I also explored different ways to integrate and weave in the live performers with the film. It all came together in the end! Woohoo!

Click here to check out the Week Four video update.

Q Residency - Samara Week 4 editing - Q Theatre