ShowQuest Youth Development Tour at Q!

In partnership with RockQuest Promotions, a group of rangatahi visited Q for a unique behind-the-scenes experience. The ShowQuest Youth Development Tour is for students who are keen to learn more about career opportunities in the performing arts sector and is designed to both educate and inspire.

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showquest tour image collage - Q Theatre

Earlier this week, we held the inaugural ShowQuest Youth Development Venue Tour at Q, in partnership with RockQuest Promotions. This special event provides the opportunity for a group of rangatahi participating in ShowQuest (Aotearoa's biggest performing arts competition for school students) to visit our team at Q for a fantastic day of inspiration and education. 

We want to help demystify career pathways for rangatahi who might be keen to pursue a future in the performing arts. Events like these are so important for connecting with the students who will become the next generation of our industry." - Kate Ward-Smythe, Q's programme manager. 

First up for our rangatahi this year was a tour of Q's building to explore all the nooks and crannies that are usually off-limits, such as the Green Room, dressing rooms, and backstage/side-of-stage areas.  Next, the students paid a visit to Silo Theatre, who are currently rehearsing in Vault for ScatterGun: After the Death of Rūaumoko, which opens in Loft later this month. Students met and spoke with Ana Chaya Scotney, the creator and performer of ScatterGun, as well as Sophie Roberts (Artistic Director) and Tim Blake (Executive Director). 

Wrapping up the day was a panel and Q&A in Rangatira, where the tour group chatted to Dan Matthew (our Apprentice Technician who joined us fresh from high school) and Tatum Warren-Ngata, who is part of the Visitor Experience team at Q. 

“It was an amazing day! So rich and detailed and a valuable learning experience for the rangatahi involved. The Q team and ScatterGun cast and crew were super engaging, experienced, and just great role models.” - Abi Penaliggon, RockQuest Promotions

This important event intends to inspire the next generation of the performing arts industry, by showing students active pathways available to them and highlighting viable jobs, roles and opportunities within the creative sector. The day also had a focus on tangible skills, giving students a few take-home tips to add to their kete and apply to their upcoming ShowQuest performances. 

Here at Q, we truly value opportunities like these to connect with the rangatahi who will become the next generation of artists, technicians, stage managers, producers, marketers and beyond to champion the performing arts industry in Aotearoa New Zealand. We loved spending the day with the students, their teachers, and the team from RockQuest Promotions - we can't wait to do it all again next year! 

"Thank you so much for this experience. The kids loved it and learnt so much. And it was brilliantly run!" - School Teacher 

"It was really lovely to have Silo Theatre involved in this important event, and to share what we do with the students. We really enjoyed talking to the students and they were very engaged, which was awesome." - Tim Blake, Executive Director at Silo Theatre