Gays in space

Back by popular demand! Come join the adventures and musical hijinks of a troupe of homosexual astronauts as they make their most perilous space mission yet - probing Uranus.

$25 - 29 (services fees apply)
90 minutes
09 - 10 February
Tue 9 Feb, 7:30pm - 9pm
Wed 10 Feb, 7:30pm - 9pm
Wed 10 Feb, 9:30pm - 11pm

It’s a dream come true when buttoned-down, straight-acting NASA underling, Gnoagh Knight, is called upon to captain his first-ever space mission - a six-year journey to probe Uranus and discover it’s gassy secrets. He is joined by a crew of utterly inept (yet utterly fabulous) homosexual astronauts. There’s the ultra-camp Instagrammer, Dayj Cheesemen, obsessed with increasing his social media following, dimwitted model, Brahim Akbar, wanting to be valued for more than his good looks, and fresh-faced Sexbot (think C3PO in hot pants) who longs to be human. Back by popular demand after its sold-out 2018 season, Gays in Space is a zany intergalactic musical odyssey full of singing, dancing, and many, many laughs.

"A cult classic in the making" - NZ Herald