Singing Instruments and Vocal Percussion – Deke Sharon

Discover the evolution of ‘acappella’ with Deke Sharon (USA) and find out how to use vocal percussion to create dynamic sounds resembling drums, guitars and more. Learn essential techniques for crafting compelling rhythms entirely with voices.

$35 (plus service fees)
75 minutes
Fri 19 Jul 2024
Fri 19 Jul, 3pm - 4:15pm

***Q VENUE CHANGE: this event will now take place in Rangatira - Q's largest theatre. The theatre name on your ticket and the ticketing website does not reflect this change so please disregard its location. Ushers will be onsite at Q to direct you to the correct theatre***

Ten years ago, a cappella singing was mostly ‘bum’ and ‘doo’. Now, singers can sound like drums, guitars, horns and a host of other instruments… and Deke will show you how! What’s more, one of the key elements of contemporary ‘acappella’ – vocal percussion – has become an essential element in presenting a dynamic, current sound with nothing but voices. Learn the fundamentals of this skill, weaving together bass drum, snare and high hat to provide a compelling groove, while exploring such additional sounds as cymbals, shakers, and wood blocks.

Deke Sharon has been called the 'Father of Contemporary A Cappella' for having created and popularised the modern a cappella sound, which includes vocal percussion. Music director, arranger and producer for all three Pitch Perfect Films, he was also local producer and music director of 'The Sing Off' (US, South Africa, China, Netherlands). As well as being a judge and clinician for Eurovision Choir 2019, he has produced such gold albums as ‘Straight No Chaser', 'Committed' and ‘DCappella’.

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World Choir Games 2024

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