Skin Hunger

"Oh my F-ing God. Grief can make you horny!"
One woman's roller coaster journey through grief, God and 'gasms. Skin Hunger, a hilarious and moving semi-autobiographical play, written by Tatiana Hotere, returns to Q Theatre.

$26 - $40 (service fees may apply)
60 minutes, no interval
7 - 11 November 2023
Tue 7 Nov, 7pm - 8pm
Wed 8 Nov, 7pm - 8pm
Thu 9 Nov, 7pm - 8pm
Fri 10 Nov, 7pm - 8pm
Sat 11 Nov, 7pm - 8pm

"Oh my f*#king God. Grief can make you horny!"

A hilarious, semi-autobiographical play written by Tatiana Hotere, SKIN HUNGER is a one-woman show that is a roller-coaster journey through grief, God and 'gasms. Raw, passionate, sexy, and heartbreakingly funny, this show is for anyone who's ever lost someone and had to find themselves (and perhaps their clitoris) again.

SKIN HUNGER explores the intersection of grief, faith, and sexuality. After the death of her husband, grief-stricken Eva, a perimenopausal woman of faith, embarks on a journey of self-discovery, spiritual awakening, and sexual empowerment. Amidst a deluge of tragic Tinder dates, self-doubt, and Catholic guilt, she finds the courage to forge a new path for her life in the chaotic aftermath. Eva discovers that there is always life after death. 

Returning to Q after a sell-out season earlier this year, SKIN HUNGER will make you laugh out loud and also move you to tears.

SKIN HUNGER is Hotere's debut as a playwright and earned several awards, including Best Actress, Best Writer, and Best Director at the 2022 Auckland Fringe Festival. This season is the final stop on her first national tour!

Praise for SKIN HUNGER

Skin Hunger was absolutely glorious, and I thank Hotere for being unafraid to talk about the hard stuff. Tatiana Hotere - what a show-stopping performance. I left the theatre completely speechless....“ - Olivia Wright, Rat World

"Some of the funniest dating interactions I've seen on a stage…This is a charming, funny, sweet and honest portrayal of a woman wrestling with complex and contradictory feelings and it does so with a beautiful balance of wit and emotion." - Andrew Whiteside

"Do yourself a favour and go see this. Watch it if you've ever lost someone you've loved, watch it if you've ever been horny. Watch it if you own a dildo, watch it if you don't, watch it if you have Catholic guilt or really any kind of guilt. Watch it if you want to be moved." - Renee Liang

"The script is magnificent: subtle, crafted for our pleasure - and it never becomes preachy.“ - Lexie Matheson, Theatreview

Presented by:
Hout Houz Creative and Todd the Creative

Creative team: 
Performer - Tatiana Hotere
Director - Romy Hooper 
Writer - Tatiana Hotere 
Producers - Todd Waters & Tatiana Hotere 
Production Manager - Michael Craven 
Set and Lighting Designer - Jane Hakaraia

Audience warnings: 
Contains adult themes including frank discussion of death, grief and sex. 

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